An Enterprises Asset Management (EAM) software solution encompasses more than just work order tracking and maintenance scheduling. It provides you with the insights you need to cut costs and drive revenue, manage maintenance proactively, increase equipment reliability, ensure compliance with internal and external regulations, and support a sustainable environment.

eMaint’s EAM software is a robust and comprehensive solution that encompasses the agility and flexibility necessary to offer global organisations the tools they need to better manage their maintenance operations, control costs and increase overall productivity.

Asst Health, Risk & Performance

EAM software makes it easy to track and gain visibility into asset health, risk and performance across your entire corporation. By thoroughly monitoring and tracking your critical assets, you can boost productivity, optimise processes and promote sustainable, safe business practices.

Build robust reports and dashboards to monitor your assets in real-time

Store and display assets in a hierarchical structure by creating parent groupings and child assets

View work history, charges, failures and warranty information related to each asset

Return on Assets (ROA)

Using eMaint’s EAM software, your organisation will have the tools you need to maximise Return on Assets (ROA), and ultimately reduce maintenance costs. By tracking maintenance history on assets, you will be empowered to make data-driven decisions and reduce failures.

Generate calendar and/or meter-based PMs to ensure all planned maintenance is being performed on your assets

Set automated Ranking Index Maintenance Expenditure (RIME) rankings to prioritise critical assets

Regulatory Compliance

Whether your organisation contends with OSHA, EPA, GMP, ISO or FDA, eMaint has helped thousands of organisations leverage their EAM software to comply with strict regulatory standards. Using the tools within eMaint’s EAM software can help organisations meet compliance standards for quality, environmental, energy, food safety, and more.

Produce detailed documentation on work performed and charges on each asset

Attach SOPs, instructions, LOTO and other safety documents to work orders

Capture the start and stop times of inspections, attach inspection instructions, and indicate if the inspection is a pass or fail

Integration with IoT & ERP Software

eMaint has decades of experience interfacing with third party applications, including ERP and financial systems, fuel card systems, machine run-time data systems, SCADA and PLC systems, fluid analysis and condition monitoring solutions.

With eMaint’s integration services, financial data can be shared between third-party corporate systems, such as SAP and Oracle, in order to automate asset management, procurement, and parts inventory management.

“With eMaint, our Return on Net Assets has increased by 50%, which goes directly to our bottom line.”

James Wagoner | Cintas

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