Is your organisation looking to eliminate time-consuming and costly manual tracking processes? With eMaint’s powerful CMMS asset management functionality, you can seamlessly track and report on all of your most critical assets. Whether they’re equipment, buildings or vehicles, asset maintenance software will help you to extend asset life and maximise your return on assets.

Asset Hierarchies

Establishing a hierarchical asset structure plays an important role in tracking assets. Without knowing how assets relate to one another, it is impossible to gain the reliability and maintainability of the assets. But fear not – eMaint’s equipment asset management software allows you to create asset parent groupings and child assets.
Improve Asset Performance

Store and display assets in a hierarchical structure, allowing you to improve asset performance through maintenance activities as Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Root Cause Analysis (RCA).

Save Time During Planned Shut-Downs

Perform maintenance on all assets within an asset group at once, eliminating the need for multiple shut downs for each individual asset.

Identify Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Write work orders pinpointed to the correct asset level and not to a general area, allowing you to calculate the TCO and analyse “repair vs. replace” decisions.

Asset Tracking

Successfully managing assets all comes down to one thing: tracking. If you’re not effectively tracking maintenance history on assets, you will not have the power to make data-driven decisions and reduce failures. With eMaint’s CMMS software, all of this is possible.
Streamline Your Tracking Process

Store asset nameplate information and create barcode and QR code labels for all of your assets, so technicians can access the asset’s record quickly and seamlessly.

Extend the Life of Assets

Generate calendar and/or meter-based PMs for each asset to ensure all planned maintenance is being performed on time and correctly.

Improve Regulatory Compliance

Produce detailed documentation on work performed and charges on each asset with attached pictures, documents, links and other multimedia.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

View all work history, charges, failures and warranty information related to each asset, to easily make budgeting and equipment replacement decisions at the depreciable asset level.

Budget More Accurately

Collect accurate labour and material repair costs for budgeting and capital replacement planning

Asset Criticality Ranking

Not all assets are created equal. We understand the importance of ensuring that work is prioritised correctly, and critical work gets done first. Our asset criticality ranking capabilities make it easy for planners and schedulers to define priority ratings and manage assets through work prioritisation.
Prioritise Work for Critical Assets

Generate automated Ranking Index Maintenance Expenditure (RIME) rankings to define asset criticality and prioritisation.

Control Workers’ Task Priority

Keep your technicians informed of which work should be prioritised by providing the criticality ranking in the asset and work order records.

Everything You Need to Manage Your Maintenance

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