Maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) inventory are the supplies used to maintain facilities, plants, manufacturing lines, etc. By effectively managing inventory, organisations can increase productivity, decrease downtime, reduce spending on parts, and boost production operation.

With eMaint’s inventory management and tracking tools, organisations have the power to manage inventory across multiple locations with ease, and track it using FIFO, LIFO or moving average accounting methods. Take your Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) inventory management to the next level by purchasing and receiving parts, associating parts with assets and PMs, and quickly locating inventory items.

Spare Parts Management

Visibility of spare parts inventory is vital for any organisation. Without the proper CMMS system in place, keeping track of parts and ensuring their availability can be a challenge. eMaint’s parts management software makes it easy for organisations to track parts across work sites worldwide and improve inventory accuracy.
Save Time Locating Parts

Access all parts information in a listview, including location, on-hand amount, unit cost and item number, and attach images to part records for easy identification.

Reduce Expedited Shipping Costs

Set up reorder points to track parts you need to order, or auto-generate a purchase order when on-hand amount falls below the threshold.

Streamline Parts Issuing Process

Relate parts to assets and PMs to automatically let technicians know which parts are typically used to repair an asset or perform a PM task.

Eliminate Data Entry & Duplication

Use barcodes and QR codes to scan and view part records instantly on a tablet or mobile device, and use Parts kitting to issue or return multiple parts with a single item number.

Gain Control Over Your Inventory

Require work requestors to submit a materials request for approval before a part is charged out of inventory.

Manage Suppliers

Not only can you manage your parts within eMaint’s inventory management system, you can also manage your suppliers. Throw away your spreadsheets and address books ‒ managing your suppliers’ contact information and the parts they supply is now made easy.
Make Data-Driven Decisions

View and track parts by supplier in a list view, showing the supplier’s name, part number, last part cost, last received date, and more.

Auto-Generate Supplier Information

Store suppliers’ information in the system as a contact record that can be selected and auto-populated on a part record.

Parts Purchasing & Requisitioning

In eMaint, you can track parts and manage parts suppliers, so why not take it one step further and purchase the parts too? With eMaint’s purchasing solution, organisations are able to create and receive Purchase Orders (POs), and track and report on those purchases.
Ensure Necessary Parts are On-Hand

Create purchase orders right from on a list of parts that are due to be reordered based on parts reorder points.

Monitor Parts Ordered

With eMaint’s requisitioning tool, technicians must receive approval of all requests to purchase parts before a purchase order is created.

Keep a Log of PO Receipts

Track parts received and record valuable information such as packing slip details, required date, item location, and more.

eProcurement Punchout Catalog

eMaint’s eProcurement PunchOut Catalog solution enables users to access suppliers’ web-based catalogs from directly within their eMaint account. Users are able to order parts from supplier catalogs and have those purchases be reflected automatically on inventory and purchase order records from within eMaint.
Streamline Parts Ordering Process

Eliminate the need to “punch out” of your CMMS every time you have a new part to order.

Improve Purchasing Efficiency

Automatically generate purchase orders and requisitions, and create parts records (if the part did not previously exist) in eMaint when a part is selected in the supplier catalog.

Maintain Accuracy & Reduce Data Entry

Eliminate duplicate data entry in both eMaint and the supplier catalog, reducing human error and time spent entering data.

Everything You Need to Manage Your Maintenance

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