Efficiently plan, schedule and assign work orders for greater control over maintenance processes. By utilising the planning and scheduling tools within eMaint, your organisation will see improved efficiency of resources, reductions in backlog, inventory and overtime, and increased equipment availability. With the ability to assign work with the click of a button and view all work on a calendar, communication and coordination between schedulers, maintenance crew and managers will be greatly improved.

Work Order Assignment

Using eMaint’s maintenance scheduler, assigning work to the appropriate labour resources is easy and seamless. Maintenance planners and schedulers are able to assign work orders to technicians on a specific day and for a specific amount of time.
Increase Resource Efficiency

View both assigned and unassigned work orders on the calendar display, and easily reassign work to other labour resources.

Improve Assignment Process

Assign work orders to any contact record in your eMaint account, from internal employees to outside contractors, right from within the maintenance scheduler.

Scheduling Calendar

With multiple employees across multiple work sites, it can be challenging to keep track of the work that has been assigned. With eMaint’s maintenance scheduling software, organisations are able to view a calendar by day, week or month with all labour resources and open work orders.
Improve Scheduling Efficiency

See only the scheduling information you want to see by adjusting calendar views and filtering work by employee, work order type and more.

Streamline PM Scheduling

View the Preventive Maintenance (PM) work orders that will be generated in the future, based on their PM schedules.

Reduce Work Backlog

Adjust work order schedules and assignments when resource and inventory availability changes to reduce the time it takes for work to be completed.

Everything You Need to Manage Your Maintenance

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