How to Justify the Cost of CMMS

There is no doubt that implementing a CMMS solution is an investment. When you need to justify the cost of CMMS to your organisation, it is important to provide cold, hard proof of a favorable Return on Investment (ROI). To help estimate your own ROI, we have created a framework to help you calculate savings on some of the most vital aspects of business across all industries: labour/productivity, parts/inventory, downtime and asset health.

With our eMaint ROI Calculator, justifying the cost of a CMMS is a breeze. Before you try it out, a reminder of just some of the ways that implementing a CMMS solution will help you save time and money:

  • Reduce data entry through real-time mobile maintenance
  • Maximise labour resources through better planning and scheduling
  • Reduce time spent assembling reports and KPIs
  • More effectively coordinate part and equipment availability
  • Reduce expedited shipping costs through better coordination of part availability
  • Reduce cost of lost production
  • Reduce the amount of time production staff stays idle
  • Extend asset life by tracking preventive maintenance
  • Improve return on assets by gaining insight into repair vs. replace decisions

Now, it’s your turn to estimate the savings your organisation will see after implementing a CMMS solution by downloading our ROI calculator.

Download CMMS ROI Calculator White Paper

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