"Service on 11"

eMaint’s commitment to customer success extends far beyond creating exceptional software. We go to great lengths to provide organisations with all of the resources and information they need to not only get the most out of our software, but also to gain best practices insights for achieving maintenance success. At eMaint, we have one goal: to provide prompt and personalised support and service that goes beyond customer expectations. When it comes to customer service, our dial doesn’t stop at 10 – we push ourselves even further to provide “Service on 11.”

Training Services

We are dedicated to delivering best-in-class training and educational services, and partnering with you during your journey toward maintenance and reliability excellence. eMaint users never have to worry about not having access to the right training when they need it–our variety of training services offer something for every learner at every skill level and role.

Implementation Services

In comparing the industry average of only a 60-80% CMMS implementation success rate, to eMaint’s 90+% renewal rate, one thing is certain: failure is not an option for us, and we go above-and-beyond to ensure our customers’ CMMS success. We offer extensive implementation services (before, during and after) to help you along your journey to CMMS success.

Consulting Services

At eMaint, we are well versed in helping you achieve successful CMMS implementations and tackling your maintenance, reliability and engineering challenges. Our team of experts will work with you on-site or remotely to improve your asset, safety, and productivity processes by identifying project plans and objectives and helping you to determine the best strategy for your needs and budget.

Technical Services

In addition to best practices consulting, eMaint also offers technical services that will help you throughout your CMMS implementation journey. These services include data collection, data cleansing and standardisation, data conversion, integration services, Computer System Validation (CSV), PM optimisation facilitation, and functional / technical specification development.

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