1. Implementation Service: 10 Keys to Success Approach

During this intensive service, an eMaint Senior Consultant will guide your implementation team through eMaint’s proven 10 Key Steps to a successful CMMS implementation. After you have defined your CMMS project goals, this on-site engagement may encompass a broad range of activities: Analysing your current operational state, reviewing your existing data and making recommendations on effective data gathering and asset hierarchy structuring, performing initial system configuration to support your initial implementation goals, and developing your implementation timeline. The natural conclusion of this event is to experience your first soft go-live, after which, your Account Management team will continue to work with you to fulfill follow-up requirements.

2. CMMS Implementation Assessment

A CMMS Implementation Assessment is a comprehensive and systematic analysis to identify the current state of the organisation with respect to an initial eMaint CMMS implementation. This assessment is ideal for customers who are implementing their eMaint CMMS in a multisite or multi-departmental environment. An eMaint CMMS Senior Consultant will facilitate a meeting with your key stakeholders to analyse your current CMMS operational state and determine your desired optimal state. Then, he/she will produce a comprehensive CMMS Implementation Assessment Report based on the findings and information gathered during the stakeholder meeting.

3. Continuous Improvement Assessment

The Continuous Improvement Assessment is ideal for customers who are interested in the proactive benefits of achieving a more robust utilisation of their eMaint CMMS. An eMaint CMMS Implementation Specialist will facilitate a meeting with your key stakeholders to analyse the current eMaint CMMS operational state and work with you to determine your desired optimal state. Immediately following the on-site engagement, the eMaint Implementation Specialist will produce a findings report based on the information gathered during the stakeholder meeting.

4. Project Management Support

In addition to a weekly status call and project plan updates, eMaint will provide executive management sponsorship that is responsible for ensuring appropriate commitment of resources to the project and for issue resolution. Though you will have primary responsibility for overall project management and project success, you will share project management responsibilities and tasks with your eMaint Project Manager.

5. Project Kick Off

During an eMaint Project Kick Off, you will review your CMMS goals, challenges and business requirements, see an eMaint demonstration, develop a high-level implementation roadmap timeline, and establish a project plan.

6. Project Close Out

eMaint’s Project Close Out includes a review of the project statement of work, a review and summary of the actual deliverables, a summary of what was done well and what could be improved, and a list of any additional tasks, responsible persons, and due dates.

7. Go Live Support

The purpose of eMaint CMMS Go Live Support is to provide you with implementation guidance and best practices. With a combination of training and consulting, organisations can go live with the comfort of eMaint CMMS subject matter expertise on-site.

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