eMaint’s Web-Workshops are an important resource for customers wanting to learn more about what eMaint CMMS and Fluke Connect tools can do for them. Led by a product specialist, these complimentary monthly sessions focus on a particular function of CMMS or connected tools.

Projects & Gantt Charts in eMaint X4

Wednesday, 25 October 2017
4:00pm - 5:00pm GMT (10:00am CT, 11:00am ET, 9:00am MT, 8:00am PT)
William Walters, Product Specialist at eMaint

Major overhaul and renovation projects can be a headache, but the project management process doesn’t need to be. With eMaint’s project management tool, you can easily create projects and assign and track work orders and costs from project inception to completion.

Gantt charts make critical project information easily scannable. Users know at-a-glance who on the team is going to complete the task, when they’re going to complete it by, and how that individual task relates to the project as a whole.

In this month’s free Web-Workshop, eMaint Product Specialist William Walters will provide an overview of eMaint’s project management solution, and demonstrate how to:

  • Navigate and understand the project management tool
  • Assign work orders to projects
  • Set up Gantt Charts to view all work orders within a single project

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