Reduce Maintenance Costs, Improve Response Times and Better Prepare for Inspections

From K-12 schools to colleges and universities, eMaint’s CMMS solution holds the keys to all of your educational operations needs. eMaint’s maintenance management solution provides quick and easy access for instructors, coordinators, planners, administrative staff, students and others to submit work requests. Whether your institution is one facility or a global campus, eMaint provides a safe, secure and energy-efficient solution to fit your unique needs. With eMaint, educational institutions are able to schedule and perform maintenance on assets throughout your facilities, such classrooms, libraries, fitness centres, dorm rooms, and administrative offices. Keep track of costs and timelines for renovation projects and recurring maintenance. Easily establish an unlimited number of calendar and/or meter-based PMs for buildings, grounds, and vehicles to avoid unplanned maintenance and maximise the life of these important assets.
Inspection Preparedness
by tracking preventive maintenance tasks in real-time using eMaint’s mobile solution.
Workflow Efficiency
by providing a fast and easy tool for submitting work and material requests.
Higher Satisfaction Rates
from students, teachers and staff by improving work request response times.

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“The fact that eMaint CMMS makes the request process unequivocal and takes the ‘he said she said’ out of the equation is wonderful. The ease of use and ability to customise our forms to mirror paper forms helped ensure rapid adoption of the system.”

Lorinda Hill | Rockland Community College

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