Extend the Life of Assets, Adhere to Compliance Standards and Prevent Breakdowns

With everything that goes into energy operations, effectively managing maintenance becomes very challenging and time consuming without the right tools in place. An effective CMMS helps organisations keep operations running safely and reliably with no unplanned maintenance, less maintenance costs and more uptime. eMaint's flexible and intuitive maintenance management software, coupled with its dedication to training and support, provides oil and gas operations with all the tools they need to take their maintenance management to the next level.

Oil and gas, electric, utilities, water, and other energy operations across the country are managing and tracking history on all of their maintenance work orders, inventory, assets, and more with eMaint CMMS. Energy operations can also use eMaint CMMS to help improve compliance with regulatory standards such as FERC, OSHA, ISO and EPA by generating and tracking inspections, and providing documentation of completed inspections and work performed.
Regulatory Compliance
with Environmental, Health, Safety & Quality Standards by tracking work history, documenting procedures and automating alerts.
Asset Life
for upstream, midstream and downstream equipment by defining preventative maintenance at the task and/or procedure level.
Equipment is Running 24/7
by monitoring condition data such as noise, vibration, temperature, lubricants, wear, corrosion, pressure and flow.

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“Since we implemented eMaint, we’ve been ahead of the game on our maintenance budget. We were able to drop our maintenance costs to a very manageable level. In comparing a rebuild project that we had completed before eMaint versus after it, we saved a total of $150,000 on maintenance costs.”

Chris Miller | Curtis Bay Energy

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