Curtis Bay Energy Case Study

Customer Since: 2013 | Industry: Energy
Saved $150K on One Project
Through Parts Requirement Projections
Improved Real-time Tracking
Of Work Orders & Equipment
Improved Compliance
With Stringent Emissions Standards

Curtis Bay Energy Reduces Maintenance Budget and Saves $150,000 while Complying with Strict Emission Standards

Curtis Bay Energy, a growing medical waste disposal company, is dedicated to providing the safest and most economical methods for customers. The 24/7 facility needed a maintenance management system to help plan major equipment overhauls, plan outages, and track work orders. After attending eMaint’s new user training and User Group Summit in 2013, Curtis Bay Energy implemented the user-friendly software right away. The company was able to manage major renovations to comply with stringent emissions standards while realizing a reduction in maintenance costs, additions in standard operating systems and much more.


Curtis Bay Energy is dedicated to providing hospitals and medical professionals throughout North America with the safest and most economical method for disposing of regulated medical waste. To do so, Curtis Bay Energy manages incinerators that dispose of approximately 150 tons of destructive biohazards per day, producing a 95% reduction of harmful biohazards. As a byproduct, this medical waste disposal method then creates energy that is used to power their internal facility. Maintenance Manager Chris Miller describes their process as “the epitome of recycling at its finest.”


With the need to keep pace with increasingly stringent emissions standards, Curtis Bay Energy, a 24/7 facility, was in need of a maintenance management system to help plan major equipment overhauls, plan outages, and track work orders. “We were looking for software to help us narrow down the scope of our work, increase planned maintenance tasks, stay organized, and keep track of inventory, work orders and costs” says Miller. Simplicity and ease-of-use were also requirements for the 11 Curtis Bay Energy maintenance team members.


eMaint’s May 2013 new user training and User Group Summit came at the perfect time during Curtis Bay Energy’s implementation of the software. After attending both events, the Curtis Bay Energy maintenance team jumped right into implementation, and was able to input about 1,000 assets within only two months and successfully complete a major renovation project. Curtis Bay Energy wasted no time in developing a project tracking system and consolidating their work orders into one project to maximize organization, minimize downtime and track project costs.

The Curtis Bay Energy team enjoyed a quick and trouble-free implementation with the help of their dedicated account manager (a benefit of eMaint’s Get On Board subscription level). “I cannot speak highly enough of everything that eMaint does when it comes to customer service,” says Miller.

  • Tracking work orders and equipment in real-time
  • Customizing system to exact needs and requirements
  • Testing configuration changes prior to implementing by setting up a "Sandbox" account
  • User-friendly, even for those with little computer or CMMS experience
  • Reducing maintenance costs through projections of parts requirements ($150,000 was saved on one project)
  • Managing major renovations to comply with stringent emissions standards
  • Adding standard operating procedures and preventive maintenance schedules

“Since we implemented eMaint, we've been ahead of the game on our maintenance budget. We were able to drop our maintenance costs to a very manageable level. In comparing a rebuild project that we had completed before eMaint versus after it, we saved a total of $150,000 on maintenance costs.”

Chris M., Maintenance Manager, Curtis Bay Energy
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