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Automated Workflow Emails
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DAP Establishes "Perfect" Communication Between Departments
with Workflows in eMaint CMMS

DAP is a leading manufacturer of caulks, sealants and other general repair products. Wanting a more flexible, easy to use CMMS system with customisation capabilities, DAP chose eMaint. DAP used eMaint University’s web-based training sessions to expedite the transition, and in the process DAP created new forms for documentation. The team embraced the system immediately, appreciating the reduced possibility of communication breakdowns, making it easy to share CMMS information throughout all departments.


DAP is a leading manufacturer of caulks, sealants and other general repair products and is located in Baltimore, Maryland. DAP began looking for a new CMMS provider that was easier to use and more flexible than MP2. They selected eMaint’s system because of the ability to customise the system and to make the CMMS information available to employees outside the maintenance department.


DAP needed a CMMS system that was more accessible and friendlier than MP2. Ideally, they wanted to find a CMMS that would allow them to do all of the customisation and configuration on their own. DAP also wanted to develop a way to share the CMMS material between multiple departments.


The transition to eMaint was seamless due to the ease-of-use of the eMaint system. The process was expedited because DAP took part in web-based training sessions through eMaint University. Rick Abbotts, Maintenance Manager, said their favorite part of eMaint University was the search feature, which allowed them to get immediate answers to questions about setup and functionality. An effective outcome of the training was the creation of a form the mechanics use to document their labour when they need to fix pop-up line calls, a part of their day that had previously gone undocumented. The form is also used to report “stock-outs” if a needed part cannot be located.

One of DAP’s more creative uses of the system is the use of workflows for tracking the repetitive tasks that are the responsibilities of other departments (Compounding, Production, Receiving, etc…). Before eMaint, these departments had an unreliable system of timetables and record keeping. Now, Mr. Abbotts works with employees from these departments to enter tasks as PM’s in eMaint CMMS. Each department is set up as a unique Work Order Group, so workflows automatically email the responsible party when the work comes due for their department. Additionally, using the Requester Module the other departments can write their own work requests. Consequently, the maintenance department was able to provide a reliable, automated and documented structure for work requests to be tracked by department without assuming the responsibility for their duties, tasks and reminders.


To say DAP is pleased with eMaint is an understatement. DAP immediately embraced the ability to customise the system on their own. The Maintenance Department appreciates the ability to share CMMS information with other departments which fosters shared accountability. More importantly, it has reduced the opportunities for communication breakdowns; eliminating many chances for things to go wrong at all.

DAP has even begun to measure worker responsibilities for employees outside the maintenance department. Now, automated weekly progress reports are sent to upper management to evaluate productivity. In addition to the customisation features, Rick Abbotts says the best thing about eMaint is the people behind it. The responsive, thorough and pleasant support staff was a welcomed break from the previous provider.

  • eMaint University provides "on-demand" training for the maintenance staff
  • Application is easy to tailor to their needs
  • Automated workflow emails for non-maintenance departments
  • Sharing a system has improved inter-departmental communication
  • Automated weekly progress reports

“eMaint is so accessible and easy to use that most of the customisation can be done by the user. eMaint University helped shorten the learning curve.”

Rick A., Maintenance Manager, DAP
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