Douglas County Facilities Management Case Study

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Douglas County Facilities Management Found eMaint CMMS to be a Flexible, Intuitive and Easy to Use CMMS Solution

Douglas County’s Facilities Management unit provides management, maintenance and construction for facilities including the Douglas County Fairgrounds and Events Centre. After a series of updates from Maximo CMMS systems, Douglas County Facilities continued to be unhappy with the results. Impressed with eMaints abilities after a 30 day trial, the County implemented the software. They use eMaint to track PMs, Projects and Critical (or emergency) work along with keeping track of inventory.


Douglas County, Colorado is part of the Denver-Aurora Metropolitan Area, one of the fastest growing counties in the US. The county’s Facilities Management unit provides for the management, maintenance and construction of county-owned facilities including the Douglas County Fairgrounds and Events Centre. Overall, Facilities manages 25 buildings/sites totaling 1,137,950 square feet across 844 square miles. The facilities house multiple functions supporting all county departments and a current county population of 293,251. A core mission is to provide safe, secure, comfortable, efficient and sustainable environments for citisens and employees. Facilities Coordinator Sonia Ormsbee, with the county since 2002, sought a user-friendly CMMS system to replace the Maximo programme that was not meeting their needs.


Douglas County had been using the Maximo CMMS system but even after bringing in an outside consultant and performing several upgrades, they still had difficulty getting the system to provide them with the information they needed. Ormsbee sought a CMMS system that was easy to use and to extract information from. She wanted to move quickly and given the many priorities of the IT group, she focused on web-based systems to minimise IT intervention. After attending an eMaint CMMS demo she opted for a 30 day free trial. Ormsbee was impressed with how intuitive the eMaint CMMS system was and the fact that backups and system upgrades happen automatically with no involvement from anyone on her team or in IT.


The County took advantage of eMaint’s monthly workshops and YouTube videos to understand new features and utilises eMaint University for reference as they progress and explore new areas of the system. They set up PMs for all of their inspections and checks of buildings and equipment including HVAC, boilers, filter checks and changes. All labour and parts charges are recorded on the work order which provides a record of how the staff’s time is spent for budgeting and reporting purposes and the information is used to both justify investments in replacing equipment and as supporting documentation for the creation of an equipment replacement fund. Project tracking is utilised to track all of the costs and time spent on renovation projects, office remodels and reconfigurations. The County uses the system to track PMs, Projects and Critical (or emergency) work along with keeping track of their furniture inventory.

  • Supports County Commissioners "Balance Scorecard" process to align all departments to common goals and objectives, a "transparency in government" critical initiative
  • Supports key objectives ("pillars") by helping to plan, fulfill and report on yearly life safety inspections, critical maintenance inspections, and elimination of waste.
  • Request forms can be tailored to exact specifications and keeps requestors informed as to the status of each of their requests, thus improving client satisfaction.
  • The county continues to see progress in spite of budget cutbacks; they plan to demonstrate the ease of use and success of eMaint CMMS with other departments who continue to struggle with the old system.

“With eMaint CMMS we were up and running quickly without having to read lengthy manuals. I'm impressed with how intuitive the system is and appreciate the flexibility. I can tailor request forms to my exact specifications.”

Sonia O., Facilities Coordinator Facilities Management, Douglas County, Colorado
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