Easter Seals Technologies Case Study

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Improved Safety of Vehicles
By Meeting Maintenance Requirements
Maximised Life of Vehicles
By Detecting Problems Early
Decreased Repair Costs
Through Increased Efficiency

Easter Seals Blake Foundation Lowers Fleet Maintenance Costs with eMaint CMMS

The Easter Seals Blake Foundation (ESBF) provides educational, therapeutic, and community living programmes to children and adults with disabilities. ESBF needed a CMMS solution for maintenance of their 100 vehicle fleet, as their fleet maintenance schedule was inconsistent. eMaint was quickly implemented, and every vehicle now meetings or exceeds the manufacturer’s minimum maintenance requirements. ESBF continues to take advantage of eMaint’s features in new, interesting ways.


The Easter Seals Blake Foundation (ESBF) provides educational, therapeutic, and community living programmes to children and adults with disabilities. In 2007, ESBF implemented eMaint CMMS for maintenance of their fleet of over 100 vehicles after a comprehensive evaluation process. Ease of use and customisation were two heavily weighted features in the software selection process.


Without a CMMS system to manage the maintenance of their fleet, ESBF had an inconsistent fleet maintenance schedule. With over 700 different employees using their vehicles, management was unable to ensure that manufacturer’s minimum maintenance requirements were being met on all of the vehicles in their fleet.


Having established a very clear goal for eMaint CMMS, ESBF was able to implement the system quickly. Lucas MacFarland, the Physical Assets Manager, was surprised by how easy it was for him to enter new data and customise the system. This had been a concern with the other CMMS packages he had considered. Mr. MacFarland tested the system to ensure if it would generate time-based and meter-based PMs. In every instance, the eMaint system performed exactly as he needed it to.


eMaint CMMS has met all of ESBF’s vehicle maintenance requirements, whether planned by date or by mileage. Additionally, Mr. MacFarland is now assured that every vehicle is meeting or exceeding the manufacturer’s minimum maintenance requirements. As a result, problems are detected earlier allowing them to maximise the life of the vehicles’ and maintain their warranties. The increased efficiency has also resulted in a decrease in the total maintenance performed on their fleets and emergency repair costs.

ESBF has been so pleased with the eMaint system that they are constantly updating their knowledge of the system and taking advantage of new features. Now that they have amassed a running history of all vehicles and their associated maintenance costs within eMaint, they are in the process of building trend reports and charts to quantify and visually display the savings and improvements of their fleet maintenance programme. ESBF also plans to implement eMaint Mobile MX so that they can access work orders, history and asset details from their SmartPhones.

  • Vehicles are now meeting the manufacturer's minimum maintenance requirements
  • Safer, better-maintained vehicles
  • PM generated by date or mileage
  • Reduction in total maintenance costs

“Now that we use eMaint, all of our vehicles are being maintained at minimum intervals. This means safer, more reliable vehicles and less overall maintenance.”

Lucas M., Physical Assets Manager, Easter Seals Blake Foundation
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