Spartan ERV Case Study

Customer Since: 2011 | Industry: Manufacturing
Saw 33% Increase
On Work Turnaround in Lean Environment
Achieved 85% Completion Rate
Of On-Time PM Work Orders
Increased PM % by 4 Times
Based on Calendar, Usage or Mileage

Spartan ERV Increased Planned Maintenance from 20% to 80% with Improved Turnaround and On-Time Completion Rates

Spartan ERV (Emergency Response Vehicles) is a leading manufacturer of custom fire trucks and other rescue vehicles. Before considering CMMS, Spartan ERV used an inefficient homemade system, leaving 80% of performed work unplanned. Because of its easy-to-use platform and option to input and export data, eMaint was the obvious choice for Spartan ERV. After implementing the software, Spartan ERV noticed benefits including: work turnaround increasing 33%, the ability to maintain 75,000 square foot facility and equipment with a single technician, and an in-time completion rate for PMs rose to 85% and steadily improving.


Spartan ERV (Emergency Response Vehicles), a leading manufacturer of custom fire trucks and other rescue vehicles, is committed to quality, value and innovation. Drawing on more than 130 years of excellence in fire truck manufacturing, Spartan ERV manufactures a full line of pumpers, rescues, aerials, quick-attack vehicles and other emergency-rescue vehicles from its facilities in South Dakota, Pennsylvania and Florida. Spartan ERV has been an eMaint CMMS user since 2011, with Len Homelvig, Director of Manufacturing, championing the CMMS initiative at their 75,000 square foot Brandon, South Dakota production facility.


Before implementing eMaint, Spartan ERV had a homegrown system that was inefficient and didn’t allow the maintenance team to prioritise work. 80% of work performed was unplanned. Maintaining safety and quality within a lean manufacturing environment are priorities for Spartan ERV. The organisation needed a system that would allow them to prioritise work, streamline processes and track performance against environmental, safety, production and customer service standards without losing the data stored in their legacy system.


Spartan ERV had barely begun their search for a CMMS when eMaint caught their eye. It was a web-based solution that was affordable and easy to use, as well as provided the option to both import and export data. They were able to quickly perform a full data import of assets, serial numbers and contacts to jump-start the implementation process. Spartan ERV produces over 20 fire trucks each month that are completely customised to each client’s unique requests. eMaint CMMS manages their facility and production equipment maintenance as well as provides a tracking system for their tools.

PMs are triggered for periodic inspections based on calendar intervals or usage (for air compressors and forklifts) or mileage for company vehicles. All work orders either start as requests initiated by the production team or are scheduled by Len and Jeff Moreheard, Maintenance Technician, during weekly meetings. Tracking work completions and costs in the system provides a documented work history for regulatory compliance and builds a case when new equipment is needed.

  • Work turnaround increased 33% in lean manufacturing environment
  • Working toward ISO 9000 certification with the help of eMaint CMMS
  • Maintain 75,000 square foot facility and equipment with a single technician
  • Manage environmental, safety, PM and repair work through one system
  • Increased planned maintenance percentage from 20% to 80% (4 fold increase)
  • Track all inspections compliant with EPA and hazardous waste regulations
  • On-time completion rate for PMs is 85% and steadily improving

“The more I use eMaint CMMS the more I like it. It's affordable, easy to use and has allowed us to easily import data from our old system. There are so many additional tools in the system that allow you to have control over your product.”

Len H., Director of Manufacturing, Spartan ERV
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