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A Micro-Brewery Builds a Better Brew with CMMS

One of the largest microbreweries in the mid-Atlantic started as a modest operation a mere 18 years
ago. Since then it has steadily expanded by purchasing new equipment, enabling it to go from brewing
700 to 900 barrels a day of over 34 unique beers, which sell in 27 states. Brewing beer is a highproduction operation and, eventually, the company realized it couldn’t sustain its growth without
upgrading the maintenance systems that support that production.


The company had long used a paper and spreadsheet-based system for work requests. As the
company grew, it found its maintenance management system did not have the flexibility or depth to
enable brewery staff to perform critical functions, such as preventive maintenance (PM) or tracking
maintenance history and maintenance-related expenses. Caught in the crosshairs of progressive
growth and a stymying process for supporting that growth, the microbrewer began looking for a robust
enterprise asset management/computerized maintenance management system (EAM/CMMS) solution.
After a thorough evaluation, they found a CMMS that enabled them to track and manage all aspects of
their operations (i.e., production and packaging equipment), the key performance indicators (KPIs) that
drive a brewer’s revenue.

Implementing their CMMS has enabled the brewer to create and sustain an effective and automated
preventative maintenance program that schedules routine and preemptive maintenance, alerts
the appropriate staff members to perform that maintenance, and ensures that necessary parts and
documentation are continuously in place, all of which has taken a huge burden off the maintenance
team. As a brewery representative remarked, when production lines go down, the quality of the
product is compromised, which can necessitate the destruction of that product. By eliminating
disastrous downtime and maximizing productivity, the company has become more energy efficient,
eco-friendly, and is able to strike the crucial balance between ramping up production (profitability) and
diminishing total cost of operations (liabilities), without compromising the quality its customers have
come to expect.



Dana Madama is the Online Marketing Manager at eMaint Enterprises, located
in Marlton, NJ, which provides CMMS and EAM solutions for all of your
maintenance and asset management needs.


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