“As Goes Safety, So Goes Maintenance.” - eMaint

“As Goes Safety, So Goes Maintenance.”

Safety is an important issue in any workplace, but when you have the well-being of your maintenance team and building standards to meet, safety can be a whole new ball game.


We asked a few eMaint team members how they thought a CMMS helped keep workplaces safe and secure. Here is what they said…

  1. Can help make sure that you and your company are compliant with codes through PMs and scheduling/tracking regular inspections
  2. Allows you to track safety procedure documents that techs can have on-hand for the work order being completed
  3. Provides you with the ability to view current standards, through reports, and to make necessary changes
  4. Sets up step-by-step instructions for completing work, so that nothing can go wrong if all steps are followed
  5. More preventive maintenance, less dangerous ‘fires’ to extinguish


Here are some ways that a CMMS has helped X3 users maintain safe environments…

  • Burris Logistics uses X3 to support OSHA compliance with triggered email notifications when documentation needs to be updated or PMs need to be performed
  • Cardinal Glass holds safety meetings and posts photos of hazards, adds safety inspections and schedules daily walk-throughs with X3
  • Champion Technologies implemented  X3 to provide historical records of maintenance performed needed for environmental compliance with safety audits


“In manufacturing, as well as other industries, we place significant importance on the safety of our organizations. This same emphasis should be placed on the maintenance and operations of our organizations as well. Why, you may ask, because good maintenance practices will always enhance the safety of our organizations.”Carl Schultz, CMRP and eMaint Business Development Executive.

Good Maintenance Practices + Good Safety Practice = Enhanced Environment, Health & Safety (E, H & S).

Check out this article in Plant Services “Safety and the CMMS” for more information on how software can help improve safety in your work space.


Rona Palmer is the Marketing Director at eMaint Enterprises, located
in Marlton, NJ, that provides CMMS and EAM solutions for all of your
maintenance and asset management needs.

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