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Chicago-Based Trucking Company Prepares for 2013 with a CMMS


Company Background:
A Chicago area inter modal container trucking company and trans-loading facility, which specializes in reefers and frozen products. Offering a wide range of services for over 20 years, the company’s main focus is on import-export traffic coming to Chicago through the railroad system. They work closely with the CSX, Norfolk Southern, BNSF, Union Pacific, Canadian Pacific and Canadian National railways to assure your product ships on its coordinating vessel. Known for their “We Can Do It” service, the company entered the Warehousing and trans-loading market in 1991, deepening its management team with seasoned logistics professionals and adding extensive transportation services. Today, they offer the security of company-owned trucks, facilities and technology with the flexibility of non-asset services when providing shipping solutions for a growing number of food processors, distributors and traders.

Business Need:
The trucking company originally worked through another system to organize their maintenance. However, the capabilities of the system were minimal and employees ended up having to sift through piles of receipts and files. They desperately needed a system that could organize everything in one place. Properly tracking all maintenance and repairs is key for the company, as they need to comply with IFTA and must have the ability to pull up records and show proper processes if ever audited. This was not something that could be done through the old system, nor did the previous system have the ability to track inventory and parts – another important aspect. The company’s Safety Manager, began the search for a system that would allow mechanics to log in anytime, anywhere and enter their work orders and other maintenance needs. In addition, the drivers of the 12 company trucks perform regular inspections and must have the ability to enter needed repairs into the same system accessed by the mechanics. While searching for the perfect system the Safety Manager came across many fleet software options that required a one-time download. Due to the need for 24/7 access this was not what the company was looking for. In August of 2012 the company found eMaint’s X3 CMMS solution. The maintenance team liked eMaint because it was web-based and 100% customizable. The company as a whole is currently growing and the idea of having a system that could grow with them was alluring. They have big plans for the system and an enthusiastic list of things they are confident will be accomplished.

Future Goals:
● Track inspections and maintenance through X3
● Timely maintenance on forklifts and fleet
● Comply with IFTA and support mileage and fuel data through a CMMS
● Support both calendar-based and meter-based PMs
● Set up a system that can grow with the company as it expands
● Import all truck and parts inventory into X3 with everything in one place
● 24/7 access to system, work orders, PMs and inventory for employees



Rona Palmer is the Marketing Director at eMaint Enterprises, located
in Marlton, NJ, that provides CMMS and EAM solutions for all of your
maintenance and asset management needs.