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Dairy Facility Keeps the Milk Coming with CMMS

At a multi-million dollar, refrigerated, 500,000+ sq.-ft. dairy facility, the maintenance team managed
its crucial piece of total operational efficiency the old-fashioned way, by hand. Stacks of paper work
orders and preventive maintenance (PM) logs were used to document who did what and when.
Eventually those stacks were compiled in a three-ring binder and then scanned “into the abyss”. For
internal repairs, emails were manually sent to all relevant parties to communicate work order status.
For work done by outside contractors, a paper work order receipt was generated, scanned, and lived
“on a server somewhere”. There was no “trigger” to perform maintenance tasks; instead the team had
to hunt through a work-order binder to see what needed checking, making preventive maintenance
erratic and burdensome to manage. Retrieving maintenance history and tracking costs was an
impossibly unattainable goal.
The facility’s maintenance staff of ten is responsible for ensuring that the temperature and humidity
requirements for food production facilities are continuously met. Stricter federal and state food safety
guidelines (i.e., Food Safety Modernization Act) and greater demand for transparency in reporting
throughout the food supply chain, made the case for finding a maintenance management solution
that would support continuous preventive and predictive maintenance (PM and PdM). To get a
better handle on compliance and reporting, the facility chose to adopt a computerized maintenance
management system (CMMS) for better record recovery and retention, and to simplify operating in
accordance with federal regulations.
Maintenance management at the facility is accountable for sustainability, capital projects, security, pest
control and sanitation, facility safety, product loss prevention, risk reduction, environmental protection
and compliance with federal agencies. Add to that a multitude of outside contractors who work on
hundreds of facility assets (e.g., the refrigeration system, material handling equipment, HVACs, lighting,
fire systems and loading docks) on site and therefore must also be managed within the guidelines and
regulations of industry best practices and federal guidelines.
Post CMMS- implementation, the maintenance team enjoys working ahead of maintenance concerns,
instead of behind them, being able to instantly review repair history on each asset (a process that took
months to extract), and saving thousands of dollars by eliminating reactive maintenance. Implementing
CMMS at the dairy facility has been such a success story that it plans to incorporate it into operations at warehouses throughout the entire U.S.

Dana Madama is the Online Marketing Manager at eMaint Enterprises, located
in Marlton, NJ, which provides CMMS and EAM solutions for all of your
maintenance and asset management needs.

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