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EAM: Des Moines Wastewater Plant Sees “Green”

A federal stimulus fund grant from the Iowa Office of Energy Independence allowed the City’s Waste
Water Reclamation Facility to launch an initiative to substantially improve its energy consumption
and allocation. The Wastewater Reclamation Facility serves 16 communities and sewer districts with
over 500,000 occupants. The initiative was estimated to generate a savings of about $41,500 a year in
reduced energy, maintenance and repair costs, and reduce CO2 emissions by about 1.5 million pounds.


The goals of the project were to: 1) integrate its existing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
(SCADA) systems with enterprise asset management (EAM) software, 2) configure energy and conditionmonitoring capabilities within the EAM, 3) analyze energy consumption trends, and, most importantly,
4) identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption. In practical terms, the integration of SCADA,
EAM and the Hach Wims water information system was designed to allow managers to more deftly
monitor performance of the motors, pumps, and blowers and to track energy use of equipment (e.g.,
run time, kilowatt per hour use, and amps), with the goal of reducing energy use by as much as 20

The new system allows facility managers to see energy usage, maintenance, and more effectively
manage the total operating condition. Moreover, the new EAM-SCADA system shows the largest
energy consumers, and this insight enables operators to make better decisions about which equipment
(e.g., of the four 2,000 horsepower air blowers, six 700 hp pumps and nine 100 hp sludge return pumps)
is more energy efficient to utilize. Six months after EAM integration, all four aforementioned goals
had been met: 100,000 kWh energy reductions were identified by the EAM and an annual savings
of $200,000 was generated, more than four the original projection. The project was so successful it
garnered the 2010 Governor’s Special Recognition in Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy award and is
being replicated at the City’s Water Works facility.


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