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eMaint's Best Practices Webinars Keep You On Your Toes

In January we were delighted to have Jeff Shiver, from People and Processes, Inc. as a guest speaker at our Best Practices webinar. If you aren’t familiar with our Best Practices Webinars, they are complimentary and an excellent resource to help you learn from other maintenance and reliability experts who serve a variety of industries. The webinars are focused on different topics, a new one each month, that are of interest to maintenance professionals. 

January’s webinar emphasized tips on improving your preventive maintenance program. Jeff walked those 75 people who tuned in through a few effective approaches to PM and PdM tasking, operating and scheduling. Our clients may know how to use the X3 system, but the beauty of today’s world is that people are constantly coming up with new ways to utilize tools and finding outlets to share them with others who may find it useful.

At eMaint we want our community of users to have the most success possible with their CMMS. What better way to do that than invite someone who has perfected their craft share their secrets with you. Offering these live and recorded web clinics is just one way we help everyone get world-class results.


These free webinars happen monthly – you can look out for the following upcoming webinars:

  • February 29 – “From Preventive to Predictive”, from Carl Schultz
  • March 13 – “Using Maintenance Benchmarking to Validate Your Strategy”, by Remco Jonker
  • April 26– “Myths and Facts about CMMS/EAM”, by Terry Harris
  • May 16 – “Going Beyond PAS55: 2008”, by Ralph Peters


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Rona Palmer is the Marketing Director at eMaint Enterprises, located
in Marlton, NJ, that provides CMMS and EAM solutions for all of your
maintenance and asset management needs.

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