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Five Ways a CMMS is Like Your Wife (or Spouse)

1.    It keeps track of your things

A CMMS system can track your assets and allow you to relate them to specific work orders or PMs. Store and display your assets any which way, define an asset’s status, easily create and edit asset records, or document pictures of the asset and its relatied parts – a CMMS can do it all.


2.    It cleans up your messes

Make a mistake? Have a large project? Experience an earthquake at your facility? (True story for one of our clients) A CMMS system can be there to help. Just enter the steps, parts, labor, employees… anything related to the endeavor, then create your workflow. 


3.    It holds proof of your rights and wrongs

Running a report in your CMMS system can be a magical thing. You can spot trends on key performance measurements and access up-to-the minute data instantly. Reports can show you what is working for you and what may be hurting you in the long run. With a CMMS report you can monitor equipment, maintain a budget, track productivity – even justify your job!


4.    It keeps you organized

A CMMS dashboard can hold everything you need – your most important reports, data, assets, whatever. A CMMS is also a key tool in organizing your inventory and parts. Storerooms can get pretty messy and the system can tell you which parts you need on hand and which are overstocked. Heck, you can even use a CMMS and schedule time to clean your room and a workflow to help you do it.  


5.    It tells you how to do your job

Preventive maintenance is a glorious thing. Why wait for a machine to break down to fix it? Do the appropriate maintenance procedures ahead of time and prevent it from breaking down to begin with. You’re not psychic! Let your CMMS tell you what needs to be done and when.


Now… the only difference between the two? A CMMS system will actually save you money.


Rona Palmer is the Marketing Director at eMaint Enterprises, located
in Marlton, NJ, that provides CMMS and EAM solutions for all of your
maintenance and asset management needs.

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