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For Apartment Manager, X3 Keeps Management Company and Tenants, 'Satisfied Customers'


The family-owned, 65-unit Hyattsville House Apartments in Maryland
has catered to the community since 1962. In addition to the lobby and
other common areas, ongoing maintenance is required for each of the
apartments, which are equipped with a variety of equipment that must be
kept in efficient, working order: central air conditioning and heating,
garbage disposal, refrigerator, range or wall oven and cooktop, etc. A
very lean team – a building manager, office manager and part-time
mechanic — runs the entire operation.



With the economy still struggling, the mandate from the property
managers to the on-site team is simple: Attract new residents, keep
existing tenants happy, and put a lid on costs. Minimizing equipment
down time while saving money, however, required a tracking system more
sophisticated than paper files. Office Manager Leah Wolf set out to find
a CMMS that could log and track maintenance work orders, track turnover
work and costs, and monitor asset and maintenance costs over time.


Leah investigated seven different CMMS options before selecting
eMaint’s X3 because it had the features, flexibility, and price that
fit Hyattsville House. Among her first priorities was uploading
information on all of the work done in the building in recent years and
recording the building’s assets – including pictures, tagged with the
corresponding location — into the X3 database. At the same time, she
worked to customize the reports to match the information needs of her
managers. The learning curve was short, and within 30 days, X3 was fully
up and running. Ad hoc reports on issues such as the status of work
orders have proven easy to request and produce.



    • Information about each piece of equipment and
      all work performed in the building now is accessible from one database,
      allowing instant answers to any question.
    • 50+ work orders are entered and tracked per month, on average.
    • Work completed by contractors and vendors and associated costs are tracked and accounted for.



    Rona Palmer is the Marketing Director at eMaint Enterprises, located
    in Marlton, NJ, that provides CMMS and EAM solutions for all of your
    maintenance and asset management needs.

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