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Maintenance Management Expo In Brazil


On Monday, September 19th, 2011 eMaint Enterprises will be represented at the 26th Brazilian Congress of Maintenance Expo by Sergio Plaut, eMaint Market Development Manager. The Expo will take place from September 19th -23rd and focus on maintenance and sustainability, with participants representing the top segments of the Brazilian economy.
Sergio Plaut, fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English, has over 30 years experience working for multinational corporations. Plaut will be attending the conference in Curitiba, PR within the campus of Positivo University. Sergio will be there to connect with current eMaint clients such as Hospital das Clinicas as well as meeting potential clients. eMaint has been serving customers in Brazil since 2006.


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 Visit the EXPOMAN 2011 event site for more information. 

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