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Meet Team eMaint!

Get a look at the faces behind eMaint‘s Support, Sales, Professional Services, Marketing, International and Management departments.

Here are some interesting fun facts about the team members that push themselves to capacity – sometimes even beyond capacity – to deliver “Service on 11″ to eMaint users.


Brian Samelson – CEO & President

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Is an avid U2 fan and has seen the band nearly 20 times in the past 10 years – including 3 times in the bands hometown of Dublin.


Hannelore Fineman – Executive Vice President

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Started as an eMaint customer in the late 1980’s, before coming on board as an employee in 1999.


Gene Pargas – Vice President Strategic Accounts

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While working in the US Navy and US Department of state, he travelled to over 35 countries.


John Pfeifle – Sales Director

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If you give him an empty bottle of wine with a cork at the bottom of it, he can get it out only using a napkin.


David Vaughan – Senior Developer






Learned how to ride a Unicycle when he was a teenager.


Ryan Kay – Product & IT Manager

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Climbs Mt. Washington once a year.


Alex Allen – Senior Product Specialist

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