eMaint Welcomes New Customers to the CMMS Community - eMaint

eMaint Welcomes New Customers to the CMMS Community

eMaint proudly welcomes our customers who have recently joined the X3 CMMS community or expanded their usage. We welcome the following companies from a variety of industries including oil and gas, breweries, property management, food and beverage, and steel producers, and look forward to partnering with them to help achieve their CMMS goals.


Since being founded in 1990, Alphabetic Spine has been working hard to be the best at
providing physician-inspired solutions for patients with spinal


Elgen Manufacturing Company, INC is a HVAC and sheet metal manufacturer, serving HVAC contractors, fabricators, and resellers.

Howco Group is the largest independent supplier and processor of Steel, Chrome, Duplex, Stainless and Nickel based Alloys for the Oil and Gas industry.


Nipro Corporation is a global, fully integrated glass tubing manufacturer,
supplying a large range of tubes, vials, ampoules, cartridges and other
glass products to the pharmaceutical (parenteral and generic),
scientific and cosmetic international markets.


Tiffany Construction has provided quality groundwork in Arizona since 1925. Today, Tiffany Construction Company is licensed in Arizona and California with offices in Phoenix and Sedona.

Civacon / Knappco / Sure Seal specializes in products and systems to
safely load, monitor and unload petroleum, dry bulk and petro chemical
cargo tanks, for the road and rail industries.


 Victory Brewing Company opened its doors to the public on Feb. 15, 1996. Today, Victory is one of only a few breweries in the country that uses whole flower hops. This unprocessed form of hops imparts better flavor and aroma to beer.


For over a decade, CTI Foods has worked with the industry’s leading restaurants with their customized menu creations.