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Plant Operators Among the Top 10 Most Sleep Deprived Professions???


Philadelphia Business Journal recently released their list
of the 10
most sleep-deprived professions and guess who made the list… Plant
Operators.I don’t know if you are thinking the same thing, but this could cause for some
potential slip ups due to lack of sleep.

Are you a Plant Operator? Even if you aren’t, why risk letting something slip
through the cracks due to exhaustion? In cases like these a CMMS will be your
best friend.

Here’s why…
1. Allow employees to submit requests through your
system, rather than bombarding you with work that needs to get done
2. Schedule PMs so you have less to worry about
later, knowing that everything will be scheduled when it needs to be done
3. Organize your inventory and connect parts to
assets. Then, set up automatic re-orders of parts so you’re not missing
what you need when you need it
4. Allow your dashboard and reports in your CMMS to crunch number for you, so you’re not wasting hours trying to view results


You can use all those extra hours for sleep!

Rona Palmer is theMarketing Director at eMaint Enterprises, located in Marlton, NJ, that provides CMMS and EAM solutions for all of your maintenance and asset management needs. Learn more on my Google+ Page.

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