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These New X3 Users Are on the Road to Success

Tyndale-logoTyndale Company
provides innovative,
service-oriented, and flexible solutions and upholds cutting-edge leadership in worker
safety apparel.


Building-products-logoBuilding Products of Canada
is a building company that specializes in roofing, sound proofing, insulation, flooring and more.


(Heat Treat Specialists) personnel operate as a team to Austemper high carbon and alloy steels, while also offering Stress Relieving as well as Age Hardening of Beryllium Copper.


Koch-logoKoch and Company, Inc.
employs 300 personnel manufacturing cabinets, custom wood doors, and the
Formanek Exterior Door, maintaining the tradition and craftsmanship of
the Koch family.


Ladybird-logoLadybird Group
is Comprised of several companies dedicated to providing early learning,
child care, special education, franchising, center management, virtual
learning and construction.


is the world’s largest education community, serving more than 30,000
public and private schools and districts across the United States.


Goldcorp-logoGoldcorp Marigold Mining Co.
is one of the
world’s fastest growing senior gold producers, with operations and
development projects located in safe jurisdictions throughout the