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Water Reclamation Facility Uses CMMS to Clean Up its Act

Henrico-blogThe Water Reclamation Facility of Henrico County recently launched a bold initiative to respond
proactively to Federal water quality regulations specific to Chesapeake Bay. The facility serves 90,000
residential, commercial, and industrial customers in three counties and the City of Richmond, Virginia.
To comply with stricter pollution standards, the facility added two, six-stage enhanced nutrient removal
(ENR) reactors, and is in the process of upgrading two of its three-stage reactors to five-stage reactors,
to increase its nutrient removal capacity. These upgrades were spurred by a joint-effort of the EPA and
Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VADEQ) to improve the water quality of Chesapeake Bay.

Data integrity and regulatory compliance are two sides of the same coin. The upgrades required more
robust systems for integrating performance data for new and existing treatment processes, especially
given that the previous methodology for doing so required employees to manually enter data from
multiple entry points and had no system for capturing or analyzing the information. Data collection
was so dispersed that managers spent hours each week gathering, verifying, organizing, synthesizing
and analyzing the data needed to prepare monthly their Discharge Monitoring Reports, which is crucial
to demonstrating facility federal compliance. Worse still, this highly labor-intensive methodology did
not provide an effective means of evaluating seasonal performance trends, identifying opportunities for
quality control, or to perform correlations.

To streamline the data-collection and analysis, the company invested in maintenance management
that enabled them to gather, process, and analyze the metrics associated with the plant's
various functions, via a centralized and cohesive platform. The facility uses a water information
management solution (WIMS), to synthesize data from various other sources and converts it into their
CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) and other platforms that provide user-friendly
dashboards that are specific to the needs and access level assigned for any manager that accesses them.

By allowing mangers to build dashboards that are tailored to their specific areas of responsibility, they
are able to quickly monitor processes (anytime and anywhere) independent of the IT department. This
fluidity of data-collection and analysis allows managers to readily generate the regulatory and business reports critical to the data transparency and business best practices.


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