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Below is a list of CMMS software considerations that every company should look for when selecting a CMMS solution. Every CMMS has work orders and asset tracking, but there’s more to a successful CMMS than just that basic functionality. Make sure you can check each box when comparing CMMS providers.

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CMMS software pricing comparison

Purchasing CMMS software is an investment, so price transparency is critical before, during, and after the selection process. Choosing between a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution or an on-premise solution is an important consideration when selecting a CMMS solution.

The SaaS model typically provides a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and a faster Return on Investment (ROI) than traditional, on-premise software. SaaS models also oftentimes offer different subscription levels, so your organisation can select which level works best for you, with the option to upgrade and scale in the future.

Is free CMMS software the best option?

There are providers who claim their CMMS software is “free,” but then end up charging you for phone and email support, hosting fees, additional users, and other hidden fees. When evaluating CMMS software, understanding the TCO and potential ROI is essential. A successful implementation does not hinge solely on price, because without proper support and training, your CMMS implementation is less likely to succeed.

How eMaint compares in price

At eMaint, we don’t just provide software – we provide a maintenance solution. This includes unlimited support, account management, online and in-person training, professional services, and more. Thousands of eMaint clients have achieved a substantial ROI, including $100,000 reduction in operation expenses, 30% reduction in corrective maintenance, 30% savings on parts purchased from suppliers, and 20% increase in productivity.

CMMS software features comparison

When selecting a CMMS solution, ensure that the system delivers the functionality you need for asset management, work orders/requests, preventive maintenance, inventory control, purchasing, predictive maintenance, scheduling, project/budget tracking and reporting. The system should also be mobile-friendly and browser-neutral, so it can be accessed on any device. Consider any third-party integrations that your company might require and make sure the CMMS provider can support these integrations.

Dashboard Screen

How eMaint compares in features

eMaint’s all-in-one, cloud-based maintenance management solution encompasses functionality for managing and tracking assets, work orders and requests, preventive maintenance, inventory, predictive maintenance and maintenance schedules–all in one user-friendly solution that can be accessed from any desktop or mobile device.

With eMaint, your screen is transformed into your personal workspace. The flexible interface enables you to work the way you want to work. You can configure form fields and layouts, customize your view with a drag-and-drop interface, build custom reports and dashboards, filter and sort data and track priority items.

CMMS training comparison

In order to effectively utilize a CMMS solution, training is vital to success. From implementation guidance to ongoing in-person and online training options, a CMMS provider should partner with a client throughout the life of their CMMS usage. By having access to training, users can eliminate time-consuming trial and error; minimize time spent reaching out to support; gain tips and tricks on how to be more efficient; learn best practices to optimize processes; and learn the latest updates and enhancements within the system.

How eMaint compares in training

At eMaint, we go to great lengths to provide organizations with all of the resources and information they need to not only get the most out of our software, but also to gain best practices insights for achieving maintenance success. We provide users with access to in-person training, user and training conferences, an online learning portal, a user community, implementation and consulting services, and monthly webinars and workshops.

Our CMMS software reviews

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