eMaint provides a complete set of truck and vehicle maintenance software tools to help fleet managers deal with the service, preventative maintenance and repair activities critical to maintaining fleet assets. Our CMMS software solutions for fleet maintenance deliver the ability to capture, track and analyze your fleet’s repair order completion and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) metrics.

Your vehicles’ preventive maintenance and scheduled service activities can be triggered by meter readings that are imported into the fleet management system. Using eMaint’s fleet maintenance software, your organization will be empowered to track and analyze your vehicles’ daily or hourly usage, fuel consumption, inspection requirements, and costs associated.

Our anytime, anywhere platform also provides fleet managers with the reporting tools they need to oversee all aspects of the operation while improving overall satisfaction and productivity. When necessary information is expressed in a meaningful way, you are in a position to make the decisions and adjustments that will optimize fleet operations and lower maintenance costs across the entire organization.

Control fleet vehicle costs

by capturing, tracking and analyzing fleet TCO metrics, including vehicle data, vehicle usage, fuel consumption, inspection requirements and costs.

Streamline fleet maintenance processes

with oil analysis applications such as Polaris Laboratories and Staveley Services Fluids, to address and analyze critical fluid results.

Maximize overall vehicle reliability

and safety by automatically triggering preventive maintenance and scheduled work based on vehicle meter readings.

Improve DOT and FMSCA compliance

with automated reminders for inspections and history of work completion.

Access fluid analysis

from your vehicle record by integrating eMaint with oil analysis labs, and auto-trigger a work order for results with high criticality.

CMMS features for fleet maintenance

eMaint CMMS Asset Management

Asset management

Establish asset hierarchies, track maintenance history on assets and prioritize work.

eMaint CMMS Work Orders

Work orders

Generate work orders and submit work requests via a login, email or form.

eMaint CMMS PM Tasks Schedules

PM tasks and schedules

Generate PM tasks, develop PM schedules on time or usage and track inspections.

eMaint CMMS Reports Dashboards

Reports and dashboards

Analyze trends and make data-driven decisions with robust reporting tools.

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“We appreciate the openness provided by eMaint. The software is controlled, yet flexible. We track the information important to us, and the system tells us exactly what we need to know. We now use eMaint as our measuring stick for all other software packages.”
Amanda Hardesty | Boasso America Corporation

Boasso America Corporation