Leading Texas Construction Company W.W.Webber Relies on eMaint CMMS for the Planned Preventive Maintenance of Their Fleet

Customer Since: 2007 | Industry: Fleet

W.W. Webber, LLC is a leading construction company with over 40 years experience in civil engineering. The company was looking for a CMMS provider to manage maintenance for their construction vehicle fleet, and implemented eMaint. W.W. Webber tailored eMaint to match their requirements, with advanced notifications of upcoming PMs, auto-triggered PMs, and “just-in-time” inventory for spare parts.

  • Auto-trigger PMs By Hours Run, Fuel Usage or Mileage

  • Track Maintenance On Over 1,000 Assets

  • Secure Parts “Just-In-Time” For Maintenance on Vehicles


W.W. Webber, LLC is a leading Texas construction company with over 40 years experience in civil engineering. In 2007, W.W. Webber began looking for a replacement CMMS provider for managing maintenance of their fleet of construction vehicles. They chose eMaint CMMS because the preventive maintenance planning tools provide advanced notification to field technicians of work to be performed based on elapsed time or based on hours used.


W.W. Webber sought to improve their system for planning and performing maintenance on the hundreds of pieces of heavy equipment in their fleet of over-the-road and off-road trucks and yellow iron. Their goal was to find a system to automatically generate preventive maintenance (PM) reports and associated parts lists based on equipment usage. Advanced notification of upcoming work was a key requirement to allow technicians to adequately prepare for servicing equipment that may be located up to 200 miles away.


eMaint gave W.W. Webber the opportunity to tailor the CMMS system to match their requirements. Together, W.W. Webber and the eMaint team developed a system for importing usage data on each piece of equipment by hours run, fuel usage and mileage. This data is imported into eMaint and PMs are automatically triggered based on predefined criteria for that piece of equipment. A parts list is also generated so that the field technicians can secure parts “just-in-time” for maintenance to be performed on vehicles in the field.


  • eMaint tracks over 1,000 assets for W.W. Webber
  • Auto-triggered PMs by hours run, fuel usage or mileage
  • Advanced notification of upcoming PMs
  • “Just-in-Time” Inventory Support for Spare Parts
  • Friendly, knowledgeable and responsive support staff

“As one of the leading construction companies in Texas, W.W. Webber has very specific requirements for tracking maintenance on hundreds of vehicles. eMaint helped us tailor a system to match our exact specifications.”

Paul B., PM Manager, W.W. Webber, LLC