Increase in on-time work completion rate
Increase in PM compliance
Annual savings due to 1% downtime reduction

Planned maintenance task generation

eMaint CMMS software lets you define an unlimited number of calendar- and/or meter-based PM tasks for each asset. Within the PM task record, you can include a detailed description with task procedures, guidelines and any other important information.

There is no need to create a new task for each schedule that includes that task. Simply associate a PM task with multiple PM schedules.

Manage any PM task changes by editing one PM task. Then publish the update to all associated PM schedules within the system.

Create a sequence of procedures for every PM task. This gives technicians a step-by-step guide to complete the work.

PM Task Generation
PM Schedules

Planned maintenance schedules

The first step in an effective preventive maintenance program is to create the task. Next, associate the task with a PM schedule. You can then automatically generate PM tasks based on time (days, weeks or months) or usage (hours, miles, units or kilometers).

Auto-trigger a PM work order to be created (excluding identified “skip-days”) when a calendar date or meter point is met, eliminating manual preventive maintenance scheduling.

Access a view of current and future preventive maintenance activities in order to track the completion of PM tasks.

Automate email notifications to be sent to the assigned technician or any other email address when a PM is generated.


One vital aspect of preventing breakdowns is keeping up with inspections. eMaint provides an easy, streamlined method for conducting inspection rounds, enabling technicians to record inspection completions quickly and accurately.

Capture the start and stop times of the inspection, view the inspection instructions, record any notes, and indicate if the inspection is a pass or fail.

Auto-generate a corrective work order when a piece of equipment fails inspection.

Generate barcodes for each asset that technicians can scan on their mobile device, enabling them to access the inspection that is due to be performed.


“The preventive maintenance features of this software are awesome! We are continuously finding more ways in which this program can be utilized.”

Wayne Long, Plano Sports Authority

eMaint customer success in preventive maintenance