eMaint CMMS Facilitates Efficiency within Trinity Hall’s Maintenance Department

Customer Since: 2009 | Industry: Education

Trinity Hall is the fifth-oldest surviving college of the University of Cambridge, and provides educational and residential facilities for about 330 undergraduate and 250 graduate students. The College was using an inflexible CMMS system which lacked the ability to schedule planned maintenance tasks for assets. eMaints functionality matched the needs of Trinity Hall. The advantages of implementing eMaint include streamlined management input, and easy access to historical data on asset information.

  • Streamlined Management Input With Use of Single Database

  • Improved PM Regimes For 1,600+ Assets in Multiple Locations

  • Gained Historical Data On Maintenance Performed on Assets


Trinity Hall was founded by Bishop Bateman of Norwich in 1350, making it the fifth oldest surviving college of the University of Cambridge. The College currently provides educational and residential facilities for around 330 undergraduates and 250 graduates. Russell Waller, Head of Buildings & Services, manages over 1600 assets. Nine hundred are located within the College Campus. The balance includes assets such as Building Management Systems, Boiler Plant, Electrical Distribution Boards, Ventilation Equipment, etc.


Russell Waller explained that Trinity Hall was previously using a basic HelpDesk solution for logging maintenance requests from College members. The system lacked the ability to schedule planned maintenance tasks against assets and was unable to record actions and financial history against each asset. The HelpDesk system was inflexible and could not be configured to align with the development of our own management systems. The problem was exacerbated when support for their existing system was discontinued.


After an extensive review of competitive CMMS solutions, Trinity Hall chose eMaint CMMS to replace their existing system. Russell Waller explained that eMaint’s ease of customization and its subsequent ease of use made it the most logical replacement for their old system. The functionality of the software matched Trinity’s requirements for managing over 1,600 assets across multiple locations at the college.


The benefits of using eMaint CMMS are numerous. Trinity enjoys the ability to streamline management input in the same way that they operate the system. They particularly appreciate the ability to provide a single information point for asset listings and asset information details, including Technical and Health & Safety Data. Trinity’s primary use of eMaint is currently writing planned maintenance regimes for assets. They hope to foster future developments in utilizing further functionality available within the basic software package they implemented.

“eMaint’s functionality allowed us to further develop our current maintenance management practices, which made it the most logical solution to our old system.”

Russell W., Head of Building & Services, Trinity Hall