Consolidation Accounts

Consolidation accounts

eMaint’s Consolidation Account option functions as an account for enterprise-level reporting and accessing data across multiple locations. It allows users to compare and contrast performance on a regional, divisional, national or global scale.

Master Accounts

Master accounts

Create, assign and edit global work orders, assets, parts and tasks, and push them out to multiple locations on a global scale using eMaint’s Master Account option. This multi-site option enables organizations to standardize data and processes.

Multi-Location Inventory Visibility

Multi-location inventory visibility

Take advantage of eMaint’s advanced multi-location inventory support which allows you to track inventory by location, making better use of your resources, and avoid stockpiling spare parts in one location while running out in another. Through eMaint’s Multi-Location Inventory Visibility tool, organizations are provided with the tools they need to improve spare parts inventory management.