Spokane Industries Case Study - eMaint
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Project Description

Spokane Industries Maintains a 99.8% Uptime Rate with eMaint CMMS

Customer Since: 2008 | Industry: Manufacturing

Spokane Industries (SI) is a worldwide provider of cost-effective casting and industrial fabrication solutions. Prior to eMainted implementation in 2008, SI had no system for keeping records or running reports of any kind, which affected organization and productivity. eMaint helped improve those issues and more, such as helping to create a 99.8% uptime rate due to improved planning and inter-departmental communications. SI plans to utilize barcoding and develop a tool charge-out system.

  • Achieved 99.8% Uptime Rate Via Improved Planning & Communication

  • Increased Labor Productivity With a 50% Reduction in Staff

  • Improved Work Prioritization Using RIME Ranking Codes


Spokane Industries (SI) has been providing cost-effective casting and industrial fabrication solutions to clients around the world since 1952. Today, Spokane Industries is a modern, di