ARES Shipyard Case Study - eMaint
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Project Description

ARES Shipyard Goes Live with eMaint in Only One Month & Sees Immediate Results

Customer Since: 2015 | Industry: Fleet

ARES Shipyard is a leading ship manufacturer in Turkey, specializing in custom ships, yachts, patrol boats and passenger ferries. Recently, ARES developed a department to perform contracted maintenance services for their clients. With clients distributed across the continent, ARES was in need of a flexible CMMS system. After a swift one-month implementation with the help of eMaint Professional Services, the system was up and running. ARES quickly experienced changes such as a decrease in time spent on everyday offices processes, and improved customer satisfaction.

  • Implemented in Only 1 Month Due to Partnership with eMaint Services

  • Saw 67% Reduction In Corrective Maintenance Data Entry

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction By Providing Full Transparency of Work


Headquartered in Antalya, Turkey, ARES Shipyard is a leading ship manufacturer, specializing in naval and patrol boats, utility and support crafts, yachts and passenger ferries. ARES pro