Harley Marine Uses eMaint CMMS to Ensure Compliancewith Safety and Environmental Regulations

Customer Since: 2007 | Industry: Fleet

Harley Marine is a leading provider of marine transportation services. The company chose eMaint as the CMMS solution to schedule and track work on their fleet of 70 vessels and over 1,000 assets, and provide reliable work history. Harley Marine’s employees enjoy the easily customizable nature of the software, and plans to track inventory using eMaint in the upcoming months.

  • Scheduled Maintenance For 70 Vessels & 1,000 Assets in 5 Locations

  • Auto-Generate PM Tasks Based on Time, Fuel Usage & Hours Run

  • Automate Weekly Reports And Send Via Email to General Managers


Harley Marine is a leading provider of marine transportation services, dedicated to maintaining a safe and environmentally responsible fleet. Established more than 20 years ago, they have built a diverse fleet of tugs and barges with expanded marine operations on both U.S. coasts. In 2007, Harley Marine began searching for a maintenance software package to schedule and track work on their fleet of 70 vessels and over 1,000 assets. They selected eMaint CMMS to set up automated PM reminders and create a comprehensive database of work history across five locations in Seattle, Portland, Long Beach, San Francisco, and New York.


Since vessels move from site to site, maintenance technicians need access to work history on all assets across the organization. Before implementing eMaint CMMS, the maintenance staff had to rely on short-term institutional memory because they did not have one uniform system for tracking and scheduling maintenance and ensuring compliance with safety and environmental regulations. They needed a system that would allow each site to record and track maintenance activities while also having information accessible by a system administrator who oversees maintenance processes across all locations.


Harley Marine implemented eMaint CMMS in 2007 and began scheduling preventive maintenance based on run-time hours, fuel usage, and calendar frequency. Automatic email notifications alert administrators and technicians across all sites of maintenance activities being performed on all assets and vessels. All system users have access to the work history for any of the assets being tracked in the system. This way, if a vessel moves from Seattle to San Francisco, the technicians at San Francisco have instant access to the complete maintenance history for the vessel.


Harley Marine is currently generating over 450 work orders for both corrective and preventive maintenance every month. Ravi Sekhon, the System Administrator for Harley Marine, noted that the reliable work history that eMaint CMMS provided has helped the company adhere to their mission of providing a safe, environmentally friendly marine fleet. They are able to readily comply with customer requests for maintenance history on the vessel they are contracting by simply running a report in eMaint. This was a challenging task prior to implementation. Harley Marine also enjoys the ease-of-customization of eMaint CMMS. They have created custom workflows to allow for maintenance schedule deviations when vessels are at sea and weekly management reports that are automatically generated. Harley Marine plans to track inventory using eMaint in the upcoming months.


  • Consistent maintenance scheduling for 70 vessels and 1,000 assets across 5 locations
  • Auto-generated PMs based on time, fuel usage and hours run
  • Real-time access to comprehensive work history on all assets across the organization
  • Automated weekly reports that are generated and sent via email to general managers
  • Helps fleet comply with safety and environmental regulations

“Our customers benefit from receiving complete reports of work history before contracting one of our vessels. With eMaint, it now just takes 20 seconds to show a detailed report of how safe our ships are.”

Ravi S., eMaint System Administrator, Harley Marine