Clean Water: No Waste. APTwater Maintains Strategic Advantage with eMaint CMMS

Customer Since: 2012 | Industry: Services

APTwater, Inc. is an international company who develops advanced water treatment process technologies that enable water reuse and environmental remediation for its clients. APTwater needed a CMMS system, but most did not have the flexibility APT needed or the ability for remote access. In early 2012, APT implemented eMaint. The software helped reduce backlog of work orders and PMs, provided a strategic advantage for highly-competitive contract maintenance services division and gave APT anytime, anywhere access of the system.

  • Maintain Equipment Health And Plan for Upcoming Work

  • Gain Strategic Advantage For Contract Maintenance Services Division

  • Reduced Backlog Of Work Orders & PMs in the System


APTwater, Inc. is an international company who develops advanced water treatment process technologies that enable water reuse and environmental remediation. APT”²s technologies, services, and process solutions allow customers to efficiently treat and reuse one of our planet’s most precious resources: water. They serve clients in the Municipal, Industrial, and Environmental sectors with mission-critical needs to improve sustainability and reduce operating costs. While APTwater has been supplying products for over 14 years, they launched a contracted maintenance services branch two years ago.


APTwater manages all aspects of water utility operations and distribution including water testing, wastewater treatment, service maintenance on underground pipes, water meter readings as well as backend office functions. They did not have a CMMS system in place when Charles Grace, Regional General Manager, joined the team. Charles had used other CMMS systems previously, but these other programs did not have the flexibility APT needed nor did they have the option of opening an asset page and being able to view all of the connections to that asset. Charles and his team are often out in the field supporting a territory that extends throughout California into Nevada, making remote access vital.


APTwater became an eMaint customer early in 2012. They found eMaint CMMS to be user friendly, easy to navigate, easy to access and allows “²filtering on the fly”². The transition to eMaint was smooth with on-site training and a subscription to eMaint University. The maintenance team has wireless laptops which they use in the field to login to eMaint anytime needed. Once APT gets a contract from a client they collect all information and assets and immediately import the data into eMaint. Then PMs are created and scheduled and work orders are assigned for those going out into the field. Charles oversees all activity and ensures that there is no unreasonable backlog of work orders or PMs for any client. APTwater is able to not only use eMaint to perform work for their clients to ensure reliability, but as a differentiator and strategic advantage for their contract maintenance services.


  • Reduced backlog of work orders and PMs in eMaint CMMS
  • Ability to track client assets, maintain equipment health and plan for upcoming work
  • Provides a strategic advantage for highly competitive contract maintenance services division
  • Supports contracts at multiple water treatment facilities
  • Readily produce reports of maintenance history, for regional water control boards to demonstrate compliance
  • Anytime, anywhere system access of system through geographically dispersed territory

“A good operating plant is well maintained. We are able to maintain compliance, meet high standards and provide a strategic advantage to our clients with eMaint CMMS. “

Charles G., Regional General Manager, ATPwater