ARES Shipyard Goes Live with eMaint in Only One Month & Sees Immediate Results

Customer Since: 2015 | Industry: Fleet

ARES Shipyard is a leading ship manufacturer in Turkey, specializing in custom ships, yachts, patrol boats and passenger ferries. Recently, ARES developed a department to perform contracted maintenance services for their clients. With clients distributed across the continent, ARES was in need of a flexible CMMS system. After a swift one-month implementation with the help of eMaint Professional Services, the system was up and running. ARES quickly experienced changes such as a decrease in time spent on everyday offices processes, and improved customer satisfaction.

  • Implemented in Only 1 Month Due to Partnership with eMaint Services

  • Saw 67% Reduction In Corrective Maintenance Data Entry

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction By Providing Full Transparency of Work


Headquartered in Antalya, Turkey, ARES Shipyard is a leading ship manufacturer, specializing in naval and patrol boats, utility and support crafts, yachts and passenger ferries. ARES provides clients with custom built vessels for inshore, coastal and offshore applications, predominantly for use of Military and Paramilitary organizations, Law and other Civil Enforcement Agencies. In 2014, the company the established its Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) division, and started to perform contracted maintenance services for their end clients’ on the vessels manufactured by ARES Shipyard.


With the establishment of the new ILS services department came the need for a robust and configurable CMMS solution to plan maintenance, manage and schedule personnel, regulate spare parts and inventory, and conduct purchasing . The company was looking for a web-based CMMS that would provide its clients with real-time access to all maintenance services being performed, and the ability to see current inventory levels and spare parts. Because the maintenance crew and vessels travel from port-to-port, having up-to-date maintenance spare parts data that could be viewed on a mobile device was essential.


After winning a new maintenance contract granting responsibility for maintenance of an eight-vessel luxury catamaran ferry line, ARES was under pressure to implement a CMMS rapidly. After coming on board with eMaint in April 2015, ARES Shipyard quickly imported data pulled from their ERP system for more than 1,100 assets and 250 inventory items into into the system. They then set up over 25,000 PM tasks scheduled on a weekly-, monthly-, quarterly-, annual- and five year-basis. Another key step in the implementation process included configuring forms to match the specifications of marine systems, along with their ARES Integrated Logistics Support System.

ARES Shipyard’s go-live with eMaint CMMS is well above the industry average, with the entire implementation, including user training, being completed within a timeframe of just one month.

What factors contributed to this success? Firstly, maintenance procedures for each vessel were developed by ARES Shipyard during the manufacturing process. The result was that the pre-scheduled PM tasks were already written and simply needed to be entered into the eMaint system. Secondly, as a “Get Onboard” client, the ARES team received help from eMaint throughout the data preparation and import processes and worked in partnership with eMaint”™s Services team to standardize data.


To facilitate the transparency that ARES Shipyard wanted to create for their clients, the maintenance team now not only tracks all maintenance performed, but also generates robust reports and dashboards showing key metrics and KPIs. For example, passenger safety is a top priority, so detailed documentation of performed maintenance is paramount. “Our client was more than satisfied when they saw the transparent records,” Ozgun Utku Alanc, ILS and Configuration Manager, explains. “They found the system to be very detailed, easy-to-use, and all-inclusive.”

To effectively prioritize work, ARES Shipyard now categorizes work orders by periodic maintenance, preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, improvement and warranty claims. Efficiency of maintenance planning and scheduling is key for the ARES Shipyard team, as the timeframe that maintenance can be performed is very limited during a ship”™s port of call.

eMaint’s MX Mobile solution provides the maintenance team with the ability to upload pictures of incidents or breakdowns within seconds through mobile devices. In addition to uploaded images, eMaint’s document storage tool also provides ARES with a more efficient way to communicate with clients by sharing menus, manufacturing documents and reports within their CMMS. ARES Shipyard is planning to expand their maintenance services division through its partnership with eMaint, extending its maintenance contracts to other types of vessels.


  • Successfully implemented CMMS within a one-month timeframe with the help of eMaint Professional Services
  • Reduced time spent on corrective maintenance data entry by 67%
  • Improved efficiency by utilizing eMaint’s Document Storage feature to share and store documents and images seamlessly
  • Reduced time spent manually filling out PM work orders by 625 man hours per year
  • Improved customer satisfaction and contract compliance by providing full transparency on all maintenance services being performed on vessels
  • Reduced time spent printing invoices by 95% via eMaint”™s 30-second, automated process

“For our client running resort hotels and ferry lines, passenger safety and comfort is the primary concern, and it is our job as their maintenance service provider to make sure maintenance is completed effectively and efficiently. eMaint’s CMMS solution has helped us ensure that nothing is missed when it comes to maintaining the vessels, and has in turn helped our client ensure the well-being of their passengers.”

Ozgun Utku A., Integrated Logistics Support & Configuration Manager, ARES Shipyard