Cactus Drilling Co, LLC Achieved 100% On-Time Critical Work Completion Rate with eMaint

Customer Since: 2007 | Industry: Oil & Gas

Cactus Drilling Company is a leading land drilling contractor in the U.S. As they outgrew their previous method for maintenance management, the company searched for a CMMS to better control inventory, and to perform consistent maintenance on equipment. Today, Cactus Drilling experiences increased organization and improved asset, work order and inventory information utilization, and sustains a 100% on-time completion rate for critical work orders.

  • Sustained 100% Completion Rate For Critical Work Orders

  • Improved Visibility Into Spare Parts Inventory

  • Increased Organization With Document Storage


Cactus Drilling Company is the largest privately-held domestic land drilling contractor in the United States, with rigs located throughout Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. The company”™s assets include engines, pipe handling equipment, housing controls, and electronics. Cactus is a long standing customer of eMaint, and CMMS Coordinator Kenneth Boyanton has been with the organization for seven years.


Prior to eMaint, maintenance was managed manually at Cactus Drilling. With company growth and associated business goals, the company outgrew their old methods. The biggest driver to search for a CMMS was to gain better inventory control, and to perform consistent maintenance on equipment.


Implementation was approached in phases. Cactus started with the basics, loading over 11,000 assets and parts into eMaint. Once that data was entered and cleansed, the company established a Preventive Maintenance (PM) program and set up purchasing. The project was expanded based on evolving needs of executives, who desired a flow of information to help make better informed business decisions.

The team simplified the company”™s work request and work order forms and added drop-down fields in order to standardize data for reporting. Throughout the implementation process, they partnered with eMaint support and services to accomplish their goals.


eMaint is primarily used for scheduling maintenance on assets, inventory management and purchasing. Reports and evaluation of inventory on hand and location of assets are sent to executives to help increase corporate visibility and support decisions on whether to repair, replace or rebuild an asset.

The company also runs reports on status of work orders. Criticality ratings are customer-driven and generally associated with safety. Cactus Drilling sustains a 100% on time completion of critical work orders, including those that are tied to compliance.

They utilize document storage to attach photos and documentation to assets, parts inventory and work orders, this allows them to keep track of service tickets and keep a more accurate parts inventory. This way, everything is organized and easy to locate within a single system used by multiple departments.

eMaint”™s ease-of-use is a huge benefit for Cactus Drilling technicians as well. When on call, they can access information from their phones or home computers. To keep pace with system enhancements, Cactus utilizes eMaint University and eMaint”™s monthly Best Practice Webinars and Web-Workshops. Technicians also used MX Mobile to perform annual physical inventory checks.


  • Sustains a 100% on-time completion rate for critical work orders
  • Improved visibility into inventory and repair/replace/rebuild decision-making through a single system
  • Increased organization and ease-of-use for employees
  • Improved asset, work order and inventory information utilization with document storage procedures

“The commitments from the eMaint team to help us reach our goals, as well as the constant software upgrades are the best things about eMaint.”

Kenny Boyanton, CMMS Coordinator, Cactus Drilling Company, L.L.C.