Cleveland Tubing Uses eMaint CMMS Condition Monitoring for Predictive Maintenance

Customer Since: 2009 | Industry: Manufacturing

Cleveland Tubing, Inc. is a manufacturer of flexible, collapsible tubing products including FLEX-Drain and PumpFlex. The company wanted an easy to use CMMS solution that would provide both preventive and predictive maintenance, as well as help on other aspects of the business. In 2009, they began using eMaint to track labor and material costs, and the company found it easy to measure and track KPIs, saw improved ROI calculations and the predictive maintenance they were searching for via condition monitoring and automated alerts.

  • Automate Reports For Replenishing Inventory on Parts

  • Measure & Track KPIs Against World-Class Standards

  • Improved ROI Calculations With Allocation of Costs to Assets


Cleveland tubing, located in Cleveland, Tennessee, is a leading manufacturer of flexible, collapsible tubing products including FLEX-Drain and PumpFlex. They sought a CMMS system that supported not only preventive maintenance on over 300 pieces of equipment, but predictive maintenance as well.


Cleveland Tubing needed a CMMS System that was easy to use and capable of tracking labor and material costs associated with maintaining 326 pieces of equipment. They were looking to import meter readings of key indicators from critical equipment that would automatically trigger priority work orders when values fell outside of desired ranges. They also desired a replenishment system for spare parts along with financial and operational performance reports that monitored progress toward their goal of 90% planned maintenance.


Cleveland Tubing began using eMaint in August 2009 to track labor and material costs associated with both planned, preventive maintenance and repairs. Reorder points were established for stocked and non-stocked spare parts so replenishment reports could be auto- generated. Meter readings on key indicators (temperature, pressure, fluid levels, suction) are imported to eMaint and used to trigger priority work orders when work or inspection is needed based on predefined ranges.


Gary Payne, maintenance manager for Cleveland Tubing, notes that eMaint has become their maintenance decision support system, informing them of the tasks that need to be performed each day, based on elapsed time, equipment utilization and condition-based indicators.

Their inventory and labor cost allocation and tracking has enabled them to know their performance against budget as well as measuring ROI on their production equipment. Replenishment alerts automatically notify them when stock reorders are necessary. Having better visibility of the maintenance backlog helps them plan their labor requirements more efficiently.


  • Automated reports for replenishing inventory on stocked and non-stocked parts
  • Streamlined time tracking of labor for department of five maintenance employees
  • Improved ROI calculations with better allocation of labor and material costs to assets
  • Evolving from reactive maintenance to planned maintenance to predictive maintenance via
    condition monitoring and automated alerts of potential problems on critical equipment
  • Easily measure and track KPIs against world class standards (90% planned maintenance)

“We were able to accomplish more in one year with eMaint than we were able to in six years with Maximo – – without dedicated personnel.”

Rusty C., Maintenance Specialist, Cleveland Tubing