eMaint Helps Caris Life Sciences Effectively Manage Their Specialized Facilities

Customer Since: 2012 | Industry: BioScience

Caris Life Sciences is a bioscience company that performs molecular profiling and blood testing on cancer patients. Due to its affordability and wide capability range, Caris Life implemented eMaint in 2012. eMaint”™s excellent customer service provided them with a quick, smooth transition, and ended the company”™s reliance on paper-based processes.

  • Eliminated Errors From Manual Data Entry

  • Integrated Seamlessly With Microsoft SharePoint

  • Organize Asset Records To Ensure Compliance with Standards


Caris Life Sciences is an Irving, TX-based bioscience company that performs molecular profiling and blood testing on cancer patients. The company operates facilities in Basel, Switzerland and Phoenix, AZ, where scientists use revolutionary technology to rigorously test patient tissue samples sent in by physicians to help them develop treatment plans.


Caris Life Sciences’ two office buildings and laboratory in Phoenix require careful monitoring and maintenance of everything from high-tech lab equipment to basic light fixtures in order to ensure daily operations run smoothly and the company remains in compliance with stringent federal regulations. The company must also process work order requests from the 200-plus scientists who work in the lab, who often require complex equipment to be serviced or modifications made to lab rooms themselves to accommodate new machines.

Caris Life Sciences’ previous system was primarily manual and paper-based, which made facility management difficult, particularly when it came to scheduling predictive maintenance. Additionally, the help desk-based request system they were using to process work order requests was inadequate for handling the complexity of tasks that must be completed regularly. Mark Eichkorn, Director of Facilities and Real Estate, knew Caris Life Sciences required a more advanced CMMS system that would enable automated, repeatable processes, easily organize all data electronically, process work order requests, generate work orders and schedule predictive maintenance.


After conducting an extensive search, Caris Life Sciences decided upon eMaint CMMS software for its affordability and wide range of abilities. Implementation began in August 2012, and eMaint’s excellent customer service enabled a quick and smooth transition process. Caris Life Sciences no longer relies on manual or paper-based processes, and can make more intelligent financial decisions based upon the detailed information eMaint is able to provide about every asset across all of their facilities.


  • Automated work order request system eliminates previous errors from manual data entry
  • Complete asset work order history provides comprehensive picture of asset health
  • Organized facility and asset records ensure compliance with strict regulatory standards
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft SharePoint enables storage of any paper documents

“eMaint helps us take a look at what’s going on with equipment to help identify problems, determine more cost-effective maintenance practices and drive good financial decisions.”

Mark E., Director of Facilities and Real Estate, Caris Life Sciences