Dunn Tire Benchmarks Performance and Ensures Continuous Improvement Across 36 Retail Locations

Customer Since: 2014 | Industry: Service Provider

Dunn Tire is a tire retailer and service provider with 36 retail locations. The company looked for CMMS to increase accountability, track the health of their assets and repair costs and establish Preventive Maintenance schedules. Since implementing eMaint and their preventive maintenance program, the company has experienced impressive reductions in corrective and emergency work.

  • Reduced 25% of Corrective Work For Critical Pad Lifts

  • Reduced 35% of Emergency Work For Air Dryer Units

  • Ability to Benchmark & Analyze Equipment Across Multiple Sites


Dunn Tire is a Buffalo-based tire retailer and wholesaler with 36 retail locations that operates 30 retail locations and 6 warehouses from Pittsburgh, PA to Syracuse, NY. The company performs tire installation, maintenance, and protection. Adam Harrison is the Continuous Improvement Communications Coordinator for Dunn Tire.


Dunn Tire wanted a CMMS solution to increase accountability, track the health of their assets and repair costs, establish Preventive Maintenance (PM) schedules and support the company”™s commitment to the 5S methodology (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) to increase efficiency and effectiveness.


Adam Harrison and his team began using eMaint for asset tracking and work request management to establish a baseline for corrective maintenance and loss prevention. Adam modified work request forms to include the geographical location of the retail store, allowing regional Service Managers to plan and schedule both in-house and contract labor more efficiently.

The team developed preventive maintenance schedules for critical assets such as automotive maintenance pad lifts, HVAC systems and air dryers and is working to establish PMs for all integral systems.

The Dunn Tire team also began managing fleet maintenance using eMaint. With 101 delivery vehicles, they use the system for PMs and vendor maintenance scheduling. Additionally, they can analyze vehicle performance and relay information about bad actors to management.


Since implementing eMaint and their preventive maintenance program, Dunn Tire has experienced a 25% reduction in reactive maintenance for pad lifts and a 35% drop in emergency work orders for air dryer units. The company has seen positive changes in HVAC care and loss prevention across the board.

Using work request and work order management tools coupled with eMaint reports and dashboards, Dunn Tire has the ability to track and analyze productivity, work orders per location, response time, and maintenance labor and parts costs. The company can benchmark performance across all 36 retail locations, and examine the results to identify why some locations are performing less optimally than others.


  • Reduced corrective work orders for pad lifts by 25%
  • Reduced emergency work orders for air dryer units by 35%
  • Benchmarked and analyzed equipment and labor performance across 36 sites
  • Justified costs and staffing through work order tracking
  • Isolated issues of certain equipment models experiencing failures
  • Increased efficiency in planning and scheduling maintenance for service managers
  • Improved visibility and accountability on work requests

“Knowledge is power. The more you know, the more effective your company will be. eMaint CMMS helped provide us with the knowledge and the tools to make a positive, lasting difference for our organization. “

Adam Harrison, Continuous Improvement Communications Coordinator, Dunn Tire