Engineered Materials Solutions Chooses eMaint CMMS for Improved Customer Support and Robust Reporting

Customer Since: 2007 | Industry: Manufacturing

Engineered Material Solutions (EMS) is a leading provider of clad metal solutions. EMS wanted a flexible CMMS system that helped cut costs by allowing their maintenance department to create their own reports. From eMaint’s track record of great customer service and cost-effective prices, EMS implemented the software. EMS can now write their own reports, with a 48-hour turnaround time, and saves money in the process.

  • Experienced 50% Decrease In Administrative Staffing

  • Developed Rich Library Of Resourceful Custom Reports

  • Eliminated Need to Spend $85/Hr On Third-Party Report Writing


Engineered Material Solutions (EMS) is a leading provider of clad metal solutions, located in Attleboro, Massachusetts. EMS began looking for a new maintenance management system that would allow the maintenance department to create their own reports with minimal turnaround time. EMS also desired a more responsive support staff who could help them tailor the system to their meet their specific requirements.


EMS had used Maximo’s CMMS system, but were dissatisfied with the service. They needed the ability to write their own reports. Additionally, the product presented many challenges to the maintenance team and Maximo’s support staff was slow to respond to questions. Moreover, the package was simply too expensive for the service EMS was receiving.


EMS considered three providers when they were searching for a CMMS system. They selected eMaint CMMS as it was the most cost-effective and had a proven track record of excellent customer service. When EMS first implemented the system, they had serious doubts that it would be a smooth transition, based on their prior implementation. However, the transition turned out to be seamless. EMS began to use the system primarily for scheduling PMs, but as the maintenance staff got more familiar with the system they began to use the report writing tool extensively. In the three years since implementing the system, EMS has realized the unlimited potential of eMaint’s report writing. Cheryl Smith of EMS described the report writing feature as the “perfect tool” for the team.


eMaint satisfied all of EMS’ needs, following through on their promise of exceptional customer support. The support team helped EMS set up the new system with minimal difficulty and EMS immediately began to experience cost savings, particularly when it came to generating reports. Before implementing eMaint CMMS, EMS had to hire a third party vendor to create reports to show management how the maintenance staff was performing.This service cost EMS $85 per hour and provided the company with limited options for customizing the content of the reports. Now, EMS creates their own auto-generated reports tailored to their exact specifications.

Additionally, EMS maintenance managers can write their own reports in a 48-hour turnaround (a task that would have been impossible before eMaint). Since implementing eMaint CMMS, EMS has developed a rich and diverse library of customized reports, ranging from tracking of monthly maintenance charges to automated bi-weekly charge-out reports by work type. One of EMS’s most widely used custom reports is a work plan they run for each shift that includes all corrective and preventive maintenance work to be performed along with a worksheet for detailing shift turnovers and breakdowns.


  • No longer have to pay $85/hour to write reports
  • Can write their own reports in a 48-hour turnaround
  • Developed a rich library of resourceful custom reports
  • Decreased administrative staffing by 50%
  • Improved customer service responsiveness

“I haven’t come across anything that the eMaint system won’t solve, and I have been in this business for over 15 years.”

Cheryl S., Planning/Scheduling – Maintenance/Facilities, Engineered Materials Solutions