Herbalife Uses eMaint CMMS to Achieve FDA & NSF Compliance

Customer Since: 2014 | Industry: Food Manufacturing

Herbalife, a global nutrition company, manufactures and sells nutrition, weight management, and skin-care products. With a large number of assets initially coming online in a new facility, Herbalife wanted an easy-to-use CMMS solution that could help manage maintenance efforts for both manufacturing and facility upkeep. eMaint exceeded the company’s requirements, and was implemented in two short weeks. The software provided Herbalife with a breadth of new benefits.

  • Increased Visibility of Data For Spotting Improvement Opportunities

  • Improved Audit Scrutiny By Organizing Asset & PM Inspections

  • Achieved Rapid Implementation With Help from eMaint Services


Herbalife, a global nutrition company headquartered in Los Angeles, manufactures and sells nutrition, weight management, and skin-care products. A recent manufacturing expansion to the east coast into a 792,600 square foot facility required a new start-up operation, including production equipment, staff, and a maintenance team. Paul Sheehy, Director of Engineering & Facilities, along with the team of 23 maintenance department support staff, are responsible for maintaining all facilities and production equipment at the recently up-fitted Winston-Salem, North Carolina facility.


With over 1,640 assets initially coming online in their new facility, the Herbalife team sought a flexible and easy-to-use CMMS solution that could aid in managing the maintenance effort for both manufacturing and facility up-keep. Other key requirements for the software included: scalability, ultimate integration of the corporate finance and procurement systems, ability to meet QC software validation requirements, ability to satisfy live audits by US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and NSF International, a product track record of progressive releases of new enhancements to the software, extensive training availability, and a product that enabled mobile device use. eMaint CMMS met all of the company’s requirements.


After participating in a thorough analysis of alternate CMMS offerings, Herbalife decided to go forward with the eMaint package, and a new focus toward jumpstarting implementation began, Sheehy and Maintenance Planner Laura Phillips completed the onsite “Kickstart” strategy and planning tool. The eMaint Engineering Services team worked with the Herbalife Quality Control department to successfully validate the system to align with FDA compliance. The team was then able to initiate setting up assets, PM tasks & instructions, customize some forms, and start cataloging spare parts to the assets. Herbalife was live within two months. “It was terrific to have eMaint come on site because they already knew what had to be accomplished, and helped us strategize and prioritize our resources to get there,” said Sheehy. “Our Account Manager has also been instrumental in helping us execute our initiatives.”


  • Successfully implemented the system within weeks with the help of eMaint Professional Services and Engineering Services teams
  • Pass outside audit scrutiny by having the assets and planned inspections organized and ready for review when asked
  • Early use of the system includes spotting “opportunities” and accountability of completed work
  • Leverage the simplicity for PM Instruction duplication by taking Instruction improvement ideas and applying them across multiple assets

“It can be overwhelming to work with a brand new system while learning ‘on the fly’. I highly recommend taking advantage of eMaint™s training and Professional Services resources to avoid dragging out the implementation time-line.”

Paul S., Dir. Engineering & Facilities, Herbalife