RCS Enjoys Improved Turnaround Time on Service Requests From Over 5000 Residents

Customer Since: 2006 | Industry: Property Management

Realtec Community Services, Inc. (RCS) encompasses over 2,500 private homes and townhouses, 2 sets of condominiums, as well as 2 private swimming pools, and 10 tennis courts. With a less-than-ideal system involving Excel spreadsheets, RCS needed an affordable CMMS solution that would do more for less. Within 30 days of implementation, all recurring work orders were in the system, and work orders were being generated and assigned. RCS was able to do all of this, and personalize work order form fields to their exact specifications.

  • Enhanced Communication Through Tracking of Work Orders

  • Improved Turnaround Time On Residents’ Concerns & Requests

  • Increased Work Completion Through More Efficient Processes


Realtec Community Services, Inc, (RCS) is the Managing Agent for Ford’s Colony Homeowners’ Association (FCHOA) located in Williamsburg, Virginia, a community that over 5,000 residents call home. Within the community are over 2,500 private homes and townhouses, 2 sets of condominiums, as well as 2 private swimming pools, and 10 tennis courts. RCS is responsible for maintaining 48 miles of private roads, 2700 private acres and multiple community areas and service vehicles. Audrey Miller, Owner Services Coordinator, and Ryan Lee, Roads and Project Maintenance Manager sought a more efficient way to manage owner requests, recurring maintenance and committee reporting.


Prior to the implementation of eMaint CMMS, RCS relied on excel spreadsheets that provided general information on work to be performed. This system was becoming unwieldy and was not providing the detailed reporting desired by the HOA committees. RCS needed a system to track recurring maintenance tasks, manage the growing number of resident maintenance requests and provide detailed weekly and monthly reports to HOA committee heads including security, recreation, roads, project maintenance, budget and administration on their department’s recurring maintenance projects and budget.


eMaint CMMS was recommended by a resident and HOA committee member and was chosen based on its affordable pricing and the ability to tailor the system to match their requirements. Within 30 days following implementation, all recurring work orders were loaded into the system and work orders were being generated and assigned. Ryan and Audrey were able to personalize the work order form fields to match their terminology.

A link on their web site to a customized maintenance request form enables RCS to approve, assign and track homeowner requests each morning. Audrey and Ryan were able to readily create reports containing the detailed information required by each of the 13 HOA committees. An added benefit of eMaint CMMS was the ability to proactively invoke and track “self help” measures on properties that are abandoned or in foreclosure, preserving property values for all residents.


  • Monitor “self help” preservation measures on abandoned properties.
  • Increased work order completion rate by more efficient work order approval, assignment, tracking
    and review process.
  • Improved turnaround time on resident concerns and service requests.
  • Provided detailed automated reports to 13 standing committees and the Board of Directors.
  • Enhanced communication with residents through the tracking of work orders and requests.

“eMaint CMMS has enabled us to provide superior customer service to our residents by decreasing turnaround time on maintenance requests dramatically as well as providing detailed automated reports to our various HOA committees.”

Audrey M., Owner Services Coordinator, Realtec Community Services