Global Manufacturer’s Proactive Approach to Maintenance Utilizes eMaint CMMS

Customer Since: 2011 | Industry: Polymers

PolyOne Corporation is an international provider of specialized polymer materials, services, and solutions. With diverse, less-than-ideal CMMS systems, PolyOne decided it was time to standardize across the corporation. The company chose eMaint based on its highly configurable Web platform, ease of integration, and overall value. The benefits of this decision included a completed rollout to 50 locations in just over a year- 12 months ahead of schedule, as well as a noticeable improvement in response time, reliability and quality.

  • Reached Expense Reduction Goal Due to Global Transparency

  • 50-Location Rollout Completed Ahead of Schedule

  • Major Improvements In Response Time, Reliability & Quality

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2014 Uptime Award Winner

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A global provider of polymer-based materials and solutions, PolyOne serves industries ranging from construction to healthcare to electronics. Established in 2000 with the consolidation of two related companies, PolyOne’s global employees and dozens of plants manufacture more than 35,000 polymer-based products, serving more than 10,000 customers on five continents. In 2009, PolyOne implemented Lean Six Sigma company-wide, and the following year, it used the LSS methodology to evaluate and improve maintenance management.


PolyOne has grown organically and through mergers and acquisitions around the world. Pursuing maximum consistency and efficiency across its increasingly global operations is imperative. The status quo included several different and less-than-ideal CMMS systems, and the result was underutilized asset management. It was time to standardize across the corporation, including optimized, built-in financial targets.


PolyOne appointed a cross- functional team to scan the market and survey systems already in place throughout its operations, including four of their plants that were already using eMaint’s CMMS. eMaint was selected based on its:


  • Completed rollout to 50 locations in just over one year — 12 months ahead of schedule.
  • Reached targeted maintenance expense reductions in the first full year of operation, a large part due to global transparency of parts inventory.
  • Allowed quantifiable assessment of maintenance reliability, both at the micro (asset/plant) and macro (regional/corporate) levels.
  • Improved proactive approach to maintenance, producing a wave of preventive maintenance initiatives with more planned.
  • Most importantly, for PolyOne customers the initiative has contributed to the company’s ongoing improvements in response time, reliability and quality.

“Maintenance is one of several areas that requires time and focus. A plant that is reactive in its approach to maintenance can be costly. To compete in today’s global marketplace, you must recognize the impact to your business and your customers. With eMaint CMMS, our plants have tools and metrics to enable us to increase OEE, support our proactive approach to maintenance, and most importantly serve our customers even more effectively.”

George G., Sr. Project Engineer, PolyOne Corporation