eMaint Supports Multiple Divisions of Prestige Maintenance USA Nationwide Contract Services Business

Customer Since: 2010 | Industry: Services

Prestige Maintenance USA (PMUSA), a women-owned business established in 1976, provides custodial services to Big Box retailers, commercial and industrial accounts nationwide. PMUSA wanted a flexible, adaptable CMMS solution. The company found what they were looking for in eMaint and implemented the software in various divisions of PMUSA, all using the software in diverse ways. The benefits seen by the company include tracking maintenance for over 5,000 assets nationwide, 15 offices and 115 vehicles.

  • Track Maintenance For 5,000+ Assets, 15 Offices & 115 Vehicles

  • Support Contract Maintenance For Retailers Serviced Nationwide

  • Improved Work Processes By Auto-Assigning to Appropriate Technician


Prestige Maintenance USA is a women-owned business established in 1976. Initially, PMUSA’s core business product was commercial office cleaning. Over the past 35 years, they have expanded to provide custodial services to Big Box retailers, commercial & industrial accounts nationwide.


Prestige Maintenance USA expanded their services from custodial services to launch a new division for Facility Maintenance services. In addition to performing preventive and corrective maintenance for retailers, commercial, and industrial accounts, they also provide cleaning equipment repair services to other businesses. PMUSA sought a system that was flexible enough to adapt to the unique requirements within each area of their dynamic, growing business.


eMaint CMMS was first implemented by the facility maintenance division that performs preventive and corrective maintenance for retail locations nationwide. Bryan Kenny, Senior Director of Operations, uses eMaint to assign and track work performed by field technicians. A list of assets is maintained for each location along with a customer-specified “checklist” of PMs to perform on a weekly or monthly schedule. Work orders are auto- generated based upon the desired schedule and assigned to the appropriate field technician. Once the technician completes the assigned work, they forward the completed work order to the customer to indicate that the contracted work has been done.

Customers also submit work requests which are routed to the appropriate technician for action based upon the type of the request (routine, urgent or emergency repairs). Labor and material charges are tracked to ensure accurate billing. The eMaint system has allowed Prestige Maintenance USA to tailor PM checklists to each client’s specifications and then ensure that all contracted maintenance activities are executed as planned.

The equipment service & repair division uses eMaint to track maintenance performed by mechanics on over 5,000 pieces of custodial equipment. Evan Sutherland, Director of Parts and Equipment, issues work orders for repair and preventive maintenance and monitors costs. Evan also utilizes the system to manage PMs for fifteen offices and for tracking mileage, inspections and registration renewals for their fleet of 115 vehicles. Additionally, they use the system to manage repair work that their mechanics perform for other janitorial businesses. The next phase of Prestige’s implementation includes tracking spare parts inventory and automating manual entry of work requests by utilizing workflows.


  • Supports contract maintenance (corrective and preventive) for retail locations serviced nationwide
  • Tracking maintenance for over 5,000 assets nationwide, 15 offices and 115 vehicles
  • Work requests automatically assigned to appropriate field technician based on predefined schedule
  • System easily tailored to each client’s unique “checklist” of maintenance specifications

“The flexibility of the system allows us to continue to grow the contract maintenance portion of our business while tailoring the program to the specific needs of each client.”

Bryan K., Senior Operations Director, Prestige Maintenance USA