Second Presbyterian Church Case Study - eMaint
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Project Description

Second Presbyterian Church Uses eMaint Tracking to Reduce Spending and Costs

Customer Since: 2006 | Industry: Non-Profit

The Second Presbyterian Church is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The church was in need of a system that was easy to use, but adaptable enough to meet their specific needs. eMaint was implemented, and allowed the church to meeting manage the grounds, and track over 500 pieces of equipment, which are barcoded and assigned rooms. With eMaint, the church can make more precise budget calculations, generate weekly updates on status, and track progress across multiple projects.

  • Improved Budget Estimates Through Cost & Inventory Tracking

  • Reduced Administrative Duties By Converting Requests to Work Orders

  • Saved Time & Streamlined Work By Communicating through Work Orders


When Dennis Dallape joined Second Presbyterian as Facilities Manager in 1996, he began searching for a new CMMS solution for the 160,000 square foot church located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Coming from the hotel business, Dallape understood the importance of using a CMMS system but found Second Presbyterian’s